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Second term-part 1


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To Manuel! :)

Published in: Education, Business, Technology
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Second term-part 1

  1. 1. Telecommunications System Components
  2. 2. Types of signals: Analog and Digital • Analog: – Continious waveforms – Passes through communications medium – Used for video, audi and voice communications • Digital: Discrete waveforms Transmits data coded into two discrete states as 1-bits or 0-bits Used för data communications
  3. 3. Methods of conversation• Analog to digital
  4. 4. Functions of a modem• Translates computers digital signal into analog and vice versa
  5. 5. Communications Channels• Wired transmission• Wireless transmission
  6. 6. Communications Processers and Software• Front-end processor• Concentrator• Controller• Multiplexer
  7. 7. Network topologies• Star network• Bus network• Ring network
  8. 8. Local Area Networks (LAN´s) &Wide Area Networks (WAN´s)
  9. 9. Network services and Broadband Technologies• Value-added networks (VAN´s)• Other network services
  10. 10. Electronic Commerce & Electronic Business Technologies• Electronic mail and groupware = E-mails and Groupware• Voice mail and fax• Teleconferencing• Dataconferencing• Videoconferencing• Digital information services, distance learning and E-learing• EDI = Electronic data Interchange •