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Presentation Of Qualifications & References

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Presentation Of Qualifications & References

  1. 1. Wireless Business Solutions Introduction for: Potential Sprint/Nextel Customers Presented By: Comscape San Diego Matthew Linebaugh (619) 805.6260
  2. 2. ACCOUNT TEAM SUPPORT: Account Manager – Matt Linebaugh We are committed to providing world-class customer service. We will personally manage your wireless solutions. We will strive to develop a strategic partnership based on the fundamental concept of continually identifying your wireless voice and data needs based on available and emerging technologies. End-User Customer Care Beyond the Nextel/Sprint call centers. You will have access to all of Comscape’s email, Cell and office phone #’s. Comscape San Diego is also a Certified Repair Center for Sprint/Nextel. Our customer not only can have their phones repaired at our facility while they wait. We offer a pick up and deliver service to be used with spare phones so you are never without communications. Beyond that, Support Specialists are available at the Nextel Care department to answer questions and resolve issues from your end-users related to technical difficulties, phone repair/upgrade, and billing questions. They are available by calling 800-639-6111 or 611 from your Nextel Wireless phone. (No airtime minutes are charged by dialing 611) 1) Matt Linebaugh 2) Patrick Guericke C: 619.805.6260 C: 619.805.5680 3) Brian Moon 4) Keith Powel C: 619.325.2880 C: 619.325.2880 What Comscape San Diego has to offer You: 1. Over 30 years combined experience in wireless sales/support. 2. Account Specialists that have an ownership in their business. 3. Pro-active account analysis to determine that customer is on appropriate rate plans, that customer would not be better served by emerging rate plans/technology. 4. Four contacts, with cell phone numbers as well as e-mail address for account service/upgrades/add-ons. 5. Repair Facility for Repair while you wait. 6. Comscape San Diego is local to San Diego and will respond to your needs within 24hrs. 7. Additional discounts on handsets and accessories.
  3. 3. References: 1. San Diego Chargers – John Leatherwood – 72 Phones 2. Waste Management – Heather Mundt – 500 Phones 3. Gemological Institute of America- Jackie Brantley – 100 Phones 4. Creative Touch Interiors – Marcy Harold – 350 Phones 5. T.B. Penick – Shane Willis – 400 Phones 6. Concerto Networks – Dylan Natter – 50 Phones 7. Santee School District – Daryl Asprion – 125 Phones 8. Southern California Soil & Testing – 80 Phones 9. Harper Construction – Blake Smith - 120 phones 10.Russell Plumbing – Pete Kruger – 30 phones 11.KFMB TV Channel 8 – Bill Lawrence – 130 phones