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How to Create the Ultimate Fantasy Football Team


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Fantasy Football Presentation

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How to Create the Ultimate Fantasy Football Team

  1. Presented By: Matt Gastaldi, Brian Tredup,David Zagata, and Jorge RodarteHow to Createthe UltimateFantasyFootball Team
  2. Let the Fantasy Football Games Begin!
  3. The 6 Characteristics of Markel• The Audience Addressed• The Problem Solved• The Goals We Hope to Achieve• How it was Collaboratively Produced• Incorporating Design to Increase Readability• Consists of Words, Images, or Both
  4. Our Target AudienceO u rT a r ge tA u d ie n c eI n c lu d e sT h e m
  5. Our Target AudienceT h i sG u y
  6. Our Target AudienceAnd EvenThisGuy…
  7. Our Target AudienceFurthermore, our target audience includes:• Anyone interested in creating a fantasy footballteam.• Anyone interested in winning prizes whilehaving fun watching football.• Anyone who wants to prove they can performthe duties of an NFL coach better than he does.• Anyone who wants bragging rights overrelatives and friends.
  8. Our Target AudienceI n st e ad o ft h isG u y
  9. Our Target AudienceY o uC o u l dB eT h i sG u yAnd Actually Have a TeamThat You Like…
  10. What Problem Are We Looking toHelp Readers Solve?WeWa n tt oH e l pt h i sG u yC r e a te a n dM a i n ta i nt h e
  11. How Did We Solve This Problem?In order to help “the Thinker” and all other fantasyfootball fans we made sure to…• Teach the audience how to prepare for an NFLFantasy Football Draft.• Help the audience avoid pitfalls that wouldhinder their Fantasy Football team.• Provide sites full of helpful draft advice.• Provide helpful tips to help them maintain theirFantasy Football Team.
  12. How Did We Solve This Problem?The Following sites will go a long way to helpour fantasy football enthusiasts…
  13. Our GoalsO u r G o a li s t oH e l p Y o uG e t G u y sL i k eT h i sAnd This OnYour FantasyFootballTeam…
  14. How Do We Accomplish TheseGoals?• By providing our audience with thenecessary information in order toparticipate in Fantasy Football.• By providing accurate and helpfuladvice to create a winning team.• By Educating the audience on how tomaintain a winning Fantasy FootballTeam.
  15. How Did We Work Together toAccomplish Our Goals?This was done in severalways…
  16. We Worked Together In theFollowing WaysB yR e s e a r ch i n gN F LF a n t a s yF o o t b a ll S i t e s ,N F L
  17. We Worked Together In theFollowing WaysB yS p l i t ti n g U pt h eWr i t i ngP o r t i on o ft h eA s s i g nm e n t
  18. We Worked Together In theFollowing WaysB yE d i t i n gO u rD o c u m e nt i n aC o l l a b or a t i v eM a n n e r
  19. Incorporating Design to IncreaseReadabilityConsistency, Simplicity, and Organization• Consistency in color and theme.• Simplicity in keeping lengthy ideas shortand sweet.• Organizing key ideas with bullet points.
  20. Incorporating Design to IncreaseReadabilityConsistency, Simplicity, and Organizationbrings uniformity, by helping theaudience follow along with ease.
  21. Consisting of Words, Images orBoth• This plays a major role in the success ofholding the attention of theaudience, on topics in which they areunfamiliar.• Combining words and images providesthe audience with a visual of what isbeing discussed.
  22. Consisting of Words, Images orBoth• We utilized images to help bringexcitement to an already excitingsubject matter.
  23. Additional Information• For more information about fantasyfootball go• From there you will find detailedinformation regarding how to create yourfantasy football team.• All pictures were borrowed foreducational purposes from googleimages.