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The business case for devops


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Presentation given at DevOps Summit May 2013 in London.

Published in: Technology, Business
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The business case for devops

  1. 1. #UniDevOpsSoftwareOperability.comThe Business Case for DevOpsMatthew
  2. 2. #UniDevOpsSoftwareOperability.comWho?@matthewpskeltonBuild & Deployment @ thetrainline.comLondon Continuous Delivery meetup group“How to make software work wellin Production”
  3. 3. #UniDevOpsSoftwareOperability.comThe Business Case for DevOpsdefinitionstoryacronymexplorationcase studybook
  4. 4. #UniDevOpsSoftwareOperability.comThe Business Case for DevOpsTerminologyTechnology shiftSoftware operability
  5. 5. #UniDevOpsSoftwareOperability.comDevOps“Highly EffectiveCommunication”
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  8. 8. #UniDevOpsSoftwareOperability.comDevOps?Devs doing ops?Ops doing dev?Infrastructure scripting?Special ‘DevOps’ team?
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  10. 10. #UniDevOpsSoftwareOperability.comDevOpsDevs doing opsOps doing devInfrastructure scriptingSpecial „DevOps‟ team(etc.)The only effective way ofdelivering reliable 21st-centuryweb-based software systems
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  12. 12. #UniDevOpsSoftwareOperability.comDevOps = CAMSCultureAutomationMeasurementSharingJohn Willis (@botchagalupe)
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  14. 14. #UniDevOpsSoftwareOperability.comDevOps = CAMSCultureAutomationMeasurementSharing“Highly EffectiveCommunication”
  15. 15. #UniDevOpsSoftwareOperability.comThe Business Case for DevOpsTerminologyTechnology shiftSoftware operability
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  22. 22. #UniDevOpsSoftwareOperability.comTechnology Shifts
  23. 23.“You can now install the latestversion of our product orderingsoftware onto your in-houseservers every 6 months from asingle CD-ROM”
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  25. 25. #UniDevOpsSoftwareOperability.comDevOps:Do or Die** for web operations
  26. 26. #UniDevOpsSoftwareOperability.comThe Business Case for DevOpsTerminologyTechnology shiftSoftware operability
  27. 27. #UniDevOpsSoftwareOperability.comOperabilityHow well things workin Production
  28. 28.
  29. 29. #UniDevOpsSoftwareOperability.comOperational FeaturesNon-functional requirementsOperational featuresOperations folk are people too Operational and End-User featuresprioritised together
  30. 30.
  31. 31. #UniDevOpsSoftwareOperability.comPoor Operability• Unclear or missing log messages• Limited hooks for monitoring• Cascading failures• “Fair weather” assumptions• Lack of resiliency• Unpredictable failure modes• ...• Wasted $$$$$
  32. 32. #UniDevOpsSoftwareOperability.comNo DevOps?Poor Dev + Opscommunication & collaboration Poor operability Wasted $$$$
  33. 33. #UniDevOpsSoftwareOperability.comCase Study –• Top travel booking website in UK (Hitwise, 2012)• £1.2bn annual revenue• 9 million+ visits per month• Booking engines for many UK train operators• Ticketing systems for Corporates and TMCs
  34. 34.
  35. 35. #UniDevOpsSoftwareOperability.comCase StudyA B C
  36. 36. #UniDevOpsSoftwareOperability.comCase Study – Lessons• Downtime costs money• Operability is a key requirement• Consider both software and teams• Identify operational criteria early• Draft run book from the Dev team• Follow-up on incidents with Dev teams• Schedule operational features alongside end-userfeatures• ...
  37. 37. #UniDevOpsSoftwareOperability.comDevOpsDevOps provides thecommunication and cooperationneeded in order to deliver reliable21st-century web-based softwaresystems
  38. 38.
  39. 39.
  40. 40. #UniDevOpsSoftwareOperability.comImpediments to DevOps• Capex/Opex split• Project-driven development• Product Owners not responsible forthe operational success of theproduct/service• Developers not on call for incidents• Intermediaries between Dev and Ops
  41. 41. #UniDevOpsSoftwareOperability.comFurther Reading• Niek Bartholomeus• “The Top 11 Things You Need To KnowAbout DevOps” – Gene Kim• John Clapham (Nokia Entertainment)
  42. 42. #UniDevOpsSoftwareOperability.comThe Phoenix Project
  43. 43. #UniDevOpsSoftwareOperability.comGetting StartedDon‟t wait for business approval“Hey, we need to move our softwareapplications from the desktop to the web”“We don‟t need the web”Start on a small project and deliver
  44. 44. #UniDevOpsSoftwareOperability.comToday‟s Sessions• Ron Gidron – faster, cheaper, safer deployments• Stephen Nelson-Smith – Test-Driven Infrastructure• Peter Eeles – DevOps and the Integrated Supply Chain• Gary Valler – DevOps, agility, and Continuous Delivery• Alex Papadimoulis – Implementing DevOps• Dan North – Agile Techniques in System Administration• Rainer Heinold – Learning from Open Source• PANEL – Open and Inner Source Tools• James Betteley – DevOps Anti-Patterns• Kiffin Gish – Case Study: Agile & IT Ops
  45. 45. #UniDevOpsSoftwareOperability.comThe Business Case for DevOps“Highly effectivecommunication”Shift in technologyOperability
  46. 46. #UniDevOpsSoftwareOperability.comQ & A + @OperabilityThanks:@johnC_bristol, @LordCope, @niekbartho, @perryofpeek, UnicomPhoto credits:{peterboden, vernhart, 86624586@N00, calsidyrose, barbourians, ginable,blmiers2, simontaylor, coneee, 9479603@N02, charlenesimmons, practicalowl, 38019504@N04, jjcd7}Wikimedia Commons,,,,,,