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Development Alternatives


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Training and Development in Environment, Lean Management Systems and Sales and Marketing

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Development Alternatives

  1. 1. Development Alternatives- Your Training and Development Partner Prof. Hemanthi Ranasinghe Lead Trainer-Environment Mr. Uditha Senaratne Lead Trainer – Lean Manufacturing Mr. Maxwell Ranasinghe Lead Trainer –Sales & Marketing We provide customized training solutions mainly in, Environment ,Lean Manufacturing Systems, Sales and Marketing Contact us : or call Maxwell on 071 4 723308
  2. 2. Development Alternatives Is a firm dedicated to train skills in people and help grow businesses
  3. 3. Launched in 2004, Development Alternatives has the simple aim of offering an alternative to traditional training by putting people at the heart of everything we do. We started small and still small . We like to be small as we have to strive hard always to beat the big…. We focus and create customize training solutions mainly in, Environment ,Lean Management Systems, Sales and Marketing.
  4. 4. Who are our lead trainers and what qualifications and experience they have and what they do?
  5. 5. Hemanthi Ranasinghe BSc.( Biology) MSc.( Forestry) PhD.( Forestry and Environment) Professor Hemanthi Ranasinghe is a Senior Professor in Forestry and Environmental Science of the University of Sri Jayewardenepura. She is also a Chartered Environmental Professional Trainer, Researcher with more 200 publications in scholarly journals. Consultant on Environment, Natural Resource Management and Climate Change both locally and internationally. Consultant to SL Government, World Bank and ADB , Melsen Canada and Government of Bangladesh
  6. 6. Training on Environment  Environmental/Strategic Environmental Assessments, Environmental Management Plans, Environmental Monitoring Plans, Monitoring and Evaluation of Projects and Programs, Forest Management and Climate Change adaptation and mitigation.
  7. 7. Uditha Senaratne B.Sc. & M.Sc. Polymer Science & Technology (UK), BB Six Sigma, Adv. Dip in Marketing, HND in Pollution Management (UK) More than 15 years hands on experience in designing and implementing Lean programs in various Organizations, locally as well as overseas. He was the chief architect of designing and implementing the DPL operating System (DOS) during his tenure, as the group manager Lean at Dipped Products Ltd. Qualified as a polymer technologist, started a career as a Research Investigator with Cookson Group PLC, UK and later served various manufacturing and service industries, including teaching (Stanmore College, UK), for well over three decades.
  8. 8. Special Skills:  Strategic planning skills- Formulation of organizational strategies from inception (Vision, Missions) and reviewing existing strategies. Designing KPIs and aligning corporate objectives and KPIs across the company structure. (“Hoshin Kanri”, X matrix,)  Excellent problem-solving skill - Ability to apply creative problem-solving solutions through. “PDCA”, “FMFA”, “Fish Born”, “Pareto”,”8D”, “5Y” & “Kaizen” / “DMAIC, work study” projects.  Transforming quality control to quality assurance –“BRC” and amalgamation of “Lean and ISO” systems.  Well-developed teaching skills- - Acquired excellent training skills in conducting & designing training programs in lean manufacturing, team building & motivation, Green Belts and GMPs to all levels. (“VSM”, “TPM”, “SMED”,”5S”, “Visual Factory”, “Kaizen workshops” etc.  Ability to introduce new products (NPI)
  9. 9. Training on lean management systems  Conducting & designing training programs in lean manufacturing, team building & motivation, Green Belts and GMPs to all levels. (“VSM”, “TPM”, “SMED”,”5S”, “Visual Factory”, “Kaizen workshops” etc.  Creative problem-solving solutions through. “PDCA”, “FMFA”, “Fish Born”, “Pareto”,”8D”, “5Y” & “Kaizen” / “DMAIC, work study” projects.
  10. 10. Maxwell Ranasinghe MA (Interdisciplinary) BSc. ( Business Admin) CPM ( Marketing) Attorney at Law Visiting lecturer – SLIM ,University Kelaniya and Jayewardenepura, Staffordshire University, UK – APIIT Campus, Northampton University, UK- Edulink Campus
  11. 11.  Training on Sales, Marketing and soft skills  Conducting training programs on Sales, Customer Care, Marketing Planning, Entrepreneurial Skills, Innovations, Leadership, Creative Decision Making Techniques, Motivation, Team Building, Time Management, Business Etiquette and other Soft Skills and Training of Trainers
  12. 12. What do our clients say about us?
  13. 13. What others say about us  “We had the opportunity of obtaining services of Prof. Hemanthi Ranasinghe for a major infrastructure development project in Bangladesh. Insights given by her to safeguard the environment and to mitigate the threats was greatly valued and it showed the vast knowledge that she has in the field of environment. She is an asset to the world”  Madava Karki- Director IUCN
  14. 14. “We at PE +, have been receiving the service of Uditha for about two years, we are very pleased with the way he has implemented the Lean & Agile manufacturing program to our company to meet our corporate strategies such as Cost leadership & differentiation. He clearly understood the culture and the abilities of individuals, accordingly tailor made the program to suit our requirements. He is Very friendly, flexible and professional person thorough with the practical aspects of Lean.” Sumith Kumara Chief Executive Officer PE Plus (Private) Limited
  15. 15.  "We have obtained services of Maxwell of Development Alternatives to conduct programs organized by us for corporate clients. The feedback from participants were very positive. His inimitable way of presenting facts attracts participants and they indicate that the skills they developed from the program could be used from the next day they go back to work". Amithe Gamage- Director Quantum Leap Consultancy
  16. 16. How do we charge  We conduct Workshops, Training Programs and make short presentations We are very competitive …. But deliver better programs than some of the big timers…. Call us Maxwell on 071 4 723 308 or your requirement to for a quotation
  17. 17. We can facilitate to do the impossible
  18. 18. Contact email: