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Kaludodol and bhoondi close


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Closing Techniques in sales

Published in: Business
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Kaludodol and bhoondi close

  1. 1. CLOSING TECHNIQUES IN SALES WITH SPECIAL REFERENCE TO SRI LANKAN CUSTOMER TYPES Maxwell Ranasinghe M.A. ( Interdisciplinary Studies- York, Canada) CPM ( Marketing – New Haven ,USA) B.Sc. (Business Admin –USJ ,Sri Lanka) Email:
  2. 2. කලුද ොද ොල් AND බූන්දී “CLOSE Technique Go for the sale now. Give them a chance to taste the product Tell them that you give the best Tell them that so many have opted to select your product
  3. 3. Use this when: You can see that they are not sure of the product You do not have time to describe or demonstrate You wish to let customer decide that the product suits them ( use this technique with customer types of සැකරත්න ( doubtful or skeptical) and අතීරණ (indecisive)
  4. 4. කලුද ොද ොල් AND බූන්දී “CLOSE CLOSE IN ACTION This is a fine “Kaludodol/ Bhoondi” ( a product) made by our family. This is of fine quality. We never compromise quality This has a unique taste/feature that you will not find in other products The price is bit high but the taste/ features/quality is so high This product is a sought after product This formula is a proprietary. No body has the technique You can taste it . No obligation to buy. Note: You can use this technique to close sale for many products and services If you need to know more about Customer types in Sri Lanka, please click link below