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Forget Hiring - start a movement, unicorns will notice

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Forget Hiring - start a movement, unicorns will notice

  1. 1. Forget Hiring Start a movement, unicorns will notice
  2. 2. Hello! Hola! Bonjour! Kalimera! Mayel de Borniol The “Universal Translator” powered by people
  3. 3. How to start a movement source:
  4. 4. onlookers -> fans -> participants -> ambassadors -> team members
  5. 5. Having a crazy big vision and impactful mission “we aim to do to language barriers what the aeroplane did to geographical barriers” Having social values “making interpretation accessible and affordable to as many people as possible, while also creating a fair source of income for our community”
  6. 6. ...makes people are crazy about it! “in love with babelverse” “could be a dent in the universe” “Multiculturalism 2.0” Love what babelverse is doing! “wonderful, useful & humanitarian project.” “These guys are genius. Babelverse introduces Web 3.0.” “Congratulations on a revolutionary product! I'll be using on my next trip...” “I think they're going to go ballistic! Unlocking massive untapped potential!” “Truly EXTRAORDINARY.” “The world is changing and I love it! :)” “exceptionally ambitious.” “LOVE this idea. please crush it...”
  7. 7. ... who become ambassadors Multiply the impact Spread the word Advise on local languages & cultures Help grow & preserve community Raise awareness in press Beta testing
  8. 8. Not being stealth • Putting ourselves out there at every opportunity • Very transparent • Speak with community 1-on-1 • Meet-ups
  9. 9. ...results in recognition People’s Choice - TechCrunch Disrupt NY Award Winner & People’s Choice - The Next Web (B2B & People’s Choice) Award Winner - LeWeb Finalist - The Europas Finalist - Dublin Web Summit & Pioneers Festival Finalist - Startup Britain 2012 Olympic Games Award Winner - Pulso Social - Top 2 Startup in Latin America Finalist - Bloomberg & TechStars “Next Big Thing” Award Winner - Startup Weekend Athens, Greece
  10. 10. hiring globally • multiplies your chances of finding right fits • distributed team helps become a global business • many tools available for remote collaboration IM, video chat, Facebook groups, IM, Google Docs, GrexIt for shared email • still important to have regular get-togethers
  11. 11. Happiness: Perks vs. Freedom do we want spoilt & entitled kids who are looking for the newest, shiniest toy?
  12. 12. ...or independent & passionate “glomads”? #todaysoffice
  13. 13. “leaders lead by example, whether they intend to or not”
  14. 14. look where the “A players” stand out among their peers for example: • • • • • good coders on stackoverflow, github passionate designers on dribbble eager interns on enternships experienced people on escapethecity industry events & communities 
  15. 15. Cover letters & resumes suck • boring & don’t tell you much • start a real conversation instead:, video chat or coffee shop • see what they’ve actually done: open source, GitHub, Behance, etc. • get to know them & their network : LinkedIn,Twitter, Facebook,
  16. 16. Titles suck • Things change anyway • Enable initiative • Close collaboration • Task-based project management
  17. 17. Skills vs. self-learning & curiosity • Generalists with strong foundations • More variety & flexibility • Tech changes so quickly • Less hand-holding
  18. 18. Hiring never stops • Build relationships (face to face but also via social media) • Pool of people to call upon when you need them
  19. 19. Dating before moving in together • Are they “the one” for you? • Are you “the one” for them? • Test drive with small projects • Takes time, don’t settle
  20. 20. Join the movement! Thank you. Questions?