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Making the Most of Your College Visits


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Visiting colleges? View these tips for a better visit from Your College Connector.

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Making the Most of Your College Visits

  1. 1. Making the Most of Your College Visits
  2. 2. Introduce Yourselflet them know who you are
  3. 3. Do Research Before You Visitlook around their websitelook them up in a college guide
  4. 4. Visit the College When It Is in Sessiontalk to lots of studentsvisit a class or a professor in your major
  5. 5. Ask Lots of Questions ? ? ?you ask, not your parents
  6. 6. Walk Around Campus on Your Own get a soda or coffee in one of the student loungesread the bulletin board or newspaper
  7. 7. Keep a File of Your Visitstake notes, during or afterwrite your impressions, not just facts