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  2. 2. Identifies Links our The Skills Process our Value to requiredthat maps everyday our to be our path Activities customers successful
  3. 3. Setting AccountaGoals bilityReward Tracking
  4. 4. Branch Manager Inside Sales Outside Sales Sales DirectorDistrict/Regional Manager
  5. 5. Respo Deliver Accura nds ies te Quickly Billing Quality Competit Produc ive ts Pricing Easy To Credit Do Busines Suppor s With t Resour Custo ce To mer ImprovSafety Experie e nce Busine ss
  6. 6. Techno Industr logy ySelling Traits Skill
  7. 7. Identifies Links our The Skills Process our Value to requiredthat maps everyday our to be our path Activities customers successful
  8. 8. • Live Safety from the Ground Up • OPR – Develop Our People • PAVS + T – Leader and Best • BMs are Royalty • Double Digit O/I • Fix and Maintain Pricing
  9. 9. Developing Our Employees In Every Position From: Baker, Dylan Sent: Thursday, April 12, 2012 3:34 PM To: Carnes, James Cc: Gardner, Kent; Carnes, Robert Subject: Big win for Lenexa Importance: High James, As of this week both Kennyboy Beck and Mike McHardie have passed both written and performance exam to get their class B CDL and William Comacho will complete his exam this weekend for class A. Mike Noser and I have and will continue to do in- house training to get them ready to go. These two guys in less than one year have gone from W/H to loader and soon to be driver. I will be making this a big deal in our Monday meeting to promote the success of growing within the company and the importance of cross-training!!! Dylan Baker Branch Manager Shelter Distribution #951 15500 W. 108th St. Lenexa Ks. 66219 (O) 913-871-1943 (F) 913-438-5715 (C) 785-925-6521
  10. 10. • Safety First• World Class Selling Organization• Producers of Great Talent• 12.5% or better Operating Income• All Branches in the top 50 %
  11. 11. • Institutionalize SAFETY• Exceptional Branch and Customer SERVICE• Strategic GROWTH• Manage the P&L and Own your RESULTS• Develop Our PEOPLE
  12. 12. Goals• 20% Sales Growth Grow Sales Profitably• 25% Gross Margin Grow Sales • Grow existing customers• 17% Operating Expense Profitably • Grow new customers• 8% Operating Income • Sell windows• 50% Reduction in Safety Violations • Sell waterproofing • Use LogicTrack • Sell solar accessoriesTake Care of Our People • Build Decra two-step business• Institutionalize safety PSC FY12 • Price competitively• Plan careers Vision • Improve regional buying• Complete timely and thorough • Manage credit risk wisely reviews Exceed Customer Expectations Exceed Take Care of • Build the best sales, warehouse, Customer Our People and delivery operations in the Expectations industry • Over-communicate with each other and customers (sales, service, and credit)
  13. 13. • Stay Safe• Sell the Right Stuff• Lead Sales (Branch Level and PAVS + T)• Manage Costs / Q2 / Operational Leverage in Q3• 24 / 16 / 8 – Margin / Costs / Operational Income
  14. 14. Goals of theMeeting
  15. 15. Develop & Demand our
  16. 16. Develop & Demand our
  17. 17. Develop & Demand our
  18. 18. “We can do this”
  19. 19. Potsdam Conference• Held July 16 to August 2, 1945• Post World War II Conference to divide Germany and Berlin• 3 countries represented: US, USSR, UK• 3 different types of government: Democracy, Communism, Monarchy• Gathered to decide how to administer punishment to the defeated Nazi Germany• The goals of the conference also included the establishment of post-war order, peace treaties issues, and countering the effects of war• Complications at the time – The Soviet Union was occupying Central and Eastern Europe – Britain had a new Prime Minister – America had a new President, and the war was ending – The US had tested an atomic bomb