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MOOC-Maker Canvas [eng]


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MOOC Maker Canvs for MOOC development; language: english

Published in: Education
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MOOC-Maker Canvas [eng]

  1. 1. Idea by MOOC Project Makers Objectives to open a course to the public to reach as many people as possible to spread knowledge to increase visibility Accompanying Offers forum face-to-face meetings, such as a meet-up for learners, etc. ... video conference or webinar connection/link to lecture License of the MOOCs no license CC BY CC BY SA Assignment Design Quiz design self-assessment, to check if core concepts have been understood for (humorous) repetition of core concepts groupwork action-oriented task reflections tasks which focus on exchanging and cooperating between learners Potential Partners Development: Production: Plattform: Technical Support: Supervision: PR/Marketing: Funding: WhatisthetargetgroupoftheMOOC? Whatshouldlearnersknowafter completingtheMOOC? Whatshouldlearnersbeabletodoafter theMOOC? Whichcontentshouldlearnersbeabletoreproduce?e.g. models,theories,... Howshouldtheyusetheknowledge? Whatdoparticipantsreceivefora successfulparticipation? confirmationofparticipation badges ECsaspartof: authorizationto: Whichexistingmaterialscouldbe usedfortheMOOC? What‘s the name of the MOOC? UnittitlesoftheMOOC 4-6arerecommended VideoDesign knowledge-based problem-based multi-lingual H5P(interactivevideo) video-branding 1 2345 6 7 8