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How to get into the top international medical schools


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This document will give students a foundation on how to get into some of the top international medical schools.

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How to get into the top international medical schools

  1. 1. How to Get Into the Top International Medical SchoolsIn the early days of medicine, students would attend the nearest medical school that wouldaccept them and learn local medical practices in their native language. As advances in traveland technology shrunk the world, students could travel further for their education that alsoexpanded their realm of expertise; this progress also allowed university admissions officers tobe choosier. Today’s best international medical schools require more than just good grades andhigh MCAT scores – these A-list institutions now require students show an exemplary grip onthe material along with an international mindset.Have an Iron Grip on the BasicsAdmission standards vary between medical schools. Medical schools in England requirestudents pass a clinical aptitude test known as a UKCAT, for example, whereas medical schoolsin the Caribbean do not even require passage of the U.S. standard test or the medical collegeadmissions test known as MCAT.However, every top international medical school requires a student have a solid grasp onscientific principles as they relate to medicine. The best way to get into one of these schools isto attend a pre-medical school that focuses on the basics of physics, biology, chemistry,anatomy, and physiology. Proficiency in these areas also ensures success with medical schoolcoursework.The best pre-med schools employ professors who work as doctors and paramedics. Theseclinician-teachers help students grasp the connection between the basics of medicine and realworld experience with actual patients.Speak EnglishEnglish is the most commonly spoken language on earth and most physicians use English whendiscussing medicine. The top international medical schools look for candidates who alreadyhave strong English-speaking skills. Many students who take medical classes in Europe or theCaribbean do clinical rotations in U.S. hospitals, making English a vital skill for any prospectivestudent.
  2. 2. Already be an Accomplished International StudentTop international medical schools actively seek out students who are already comfortablestudying and working in unfamiliar environments. Students can give themselves an extra edgeby going to pre-medical school overseas.Students should participate in a wide variety of activities around campus and work hard to riseto the top of whatever they engage in. This not only improves the student’s ability to adapt tonew surroundings but also establishes her as a leader in whatever she tries.Having an ironclad grasp of scientific basics, strong English skills, and a reputation as anaccomplished international traveler greatly improves a student’s chances of admission into a topinternational medical school. Attending an international pre-medical school is always a greatplace to start.Because of the great need for qualified doctors worldwide, Dr. Moshe Cohen wanted to makepre-med studies sponsored by well-known medical schools like the Oxford Medical School andother UK medical schools more accessible to medical hopefuls in western countries. For thisreason, Dr. Cohen founded Medical Doctor International Studies in 2006 to help students getthe education they need to enter higher education programs for dentistry, medical,pharmacological, and veterinarian studies. Since then, the innovative project has preparedmore than 1000 students for the entrance exams of medical programs at top universities. Allthey need to enter the Medical Doctor program is a high school diploma and passing scores onexams in Chemistry, Biology, Physics, and Anatomy. They then have access to courses taughtin English and all the skills, knowledge, and professionalism that come with a pre-med program.For those who see the medical field as their calling and wish to study medicine in the UK,Medical Doctor International Studies helps to make that dream and excellence a reality at anycost.