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Super Size Public Awareness 2008


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Back in 2008, I presented at the Local Interagency Coordinating Council Conference as part of our child find outreach to locals.

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Super Size Public Awareness 2008

  1. 1. Welcome to: “Super Size Your Public Awareness” Presented by: Early On® Public Awareness Presenter: Victoria Meeder, Marketing/Public Awareness Supervisor
  2. 2. Early On® Michigan Child Find in Michigan • History Part C of the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) is legislation that established the only federal formula grant program for infants and toddlers with developmental delays or disabilities and their families. Originally Public Law (PL) 99-477, Congress added it to the Education of the Handicapped Act in 1986. Congress reauthorized the legislation and renamed the act the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) in 1992; it then became known as PL 102-119, Part H of IDEA. Congress reauthorized the act again in 1997 as PL 105-17, Part C of IDEA; in 2004 it was reauthorized under Part C of the Individuals with Disabilities Education Improvement Act. In Michigan, we call this Part C of IDEA, Early On.
  3. 3. What is Early On® Public Awareness? The Office of Innovative Projects at Clinton County Regional Educational Service Agency (DeWitt, MI) • State mandated project • Assist in the child find component of Part C of the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act • Identify and locate children birth to 3 who are in need of early intervention services • Responsibilities: – Operate the statewide toll-free referral line – Celebrating 1 Year Anniversary, beginning 9/15/05 – 9/15/06 referred over 1,881 – Provide outreach to communities – Develop informational materials for Early On – Central Directory (Locals) – Early On Traveling Display Boards – Maintain the website for – Assist locals with graphic art for display boards, promotional items, business cards
  4. 4. Examples of Support (Statewide Level) Provide written materials • Early On brochure (provided over 18,000 copies of this brochure to READY kits, that will be shipped to every licensed childcare provider in the State) • Guidebooks (1-4) – Welcome to Early On – Our Individualized Family Service Plan – Transition: Leaving Early On – Early On Family Rights • Child Developmental Wheels (reprinted 30,000. Now aligns with the “Immunize Your Little Michigander” campaign) • “Baby Steps” developmental poster (distributed 6,500) • NEW Baby emergency numbers magnet (distributed 7,000) • NEW Early On Public Awareness brochure
  5. 5. Traveling Display Board • One Statewide Early On Traveling Display Board – Mike Bobo, Trainer and Technical Assistance/Public Awareness staff member showcases the board on a Statewide level – (2006-2007 calendar can be found at website at • Two (small) Early On boards – available to locals for community use – To schedule the small display boards for an event, contact Early On Public Awareness at 1-800-Early-On (327-5966)
  6. 6. Contact Media - TV Early On® Michigan Public Service Announcement “Sitting Still” October 2005 – March 2006 Aired 78,535 $3,231.963/$150,000
  7. 7. Contact Media – Outreach • Contacting Michigan Public Access Television Stations to air the Public Service Announcement, “Sitting Still” for Early On. (free of charge) • Message Board: Display a message for Early On.
  8. 8. Media continued… • WILX TV 10 • Featured “Mug of the Day”
  9. 9. “Watch Me Grow” calendar • A Calendar for Michigan Families • Parents of children birth to 8 years old • Potential to reach thousands • Includes activities for parents and children, important phone numbers, an updated immunization schedule, space for local agency information – 2005-2006 – 2006-2007 – Available in English and Spanish • Family and Consumer Sciences, MSU Extension – (517) 432-8204 – Tammy Sullivan – Available after December 1, 2006
  10. 10. Physicians Outreach • Reprinting the “Guide for Physicians”/Pocketguide • Plan for the 2006-2007 • 59% of our referrals come from physicians/health care providers •
  11. 11. Other Examples – Transit Kalamazoo County: Metro Transit Buses, 8 buses Genesee County: MTA/Flint Buses, 20 buses Macomb County: SMART Buses, 40 buses Washtenaw County: SMART Buses, 25 buses (Kick-off began September 15, 2006: 6-8 week duration)
  12. 12. TRANSIT - continued Captive Audience – U of M (Washtenaw) September 23 – Wisconsin and October 7 – M.S.U. (potential of reaching over 107,000 at each game)
  13. 13. How PA Can Support Locals • Provide Written Materials • Display Board Art Work • Business Card Templates • Help to Locate State/National Resources • Next...
  14. 14. Launch NEW Website
  15. 15. I am a Parent
  16. 16. I am a Professional
  17. 17. How to Make a Referral
  18. 18. Local, State, National Resources
  19. 19. Related Activities Project Find Michigan • Child Find Components - Part B of IDEA • Birth to Age 26 (Special Education) • Referral Line: 1-800-252-0052 • Outreach to Communities • Outreach to Project Find Coordinators • Provide Written Materials to Support Child Find in Local Areas • NEW
  20. 20. Project Find Coordinators • Hosted a Project Find Networking Meeting • Two Spiderphone Conversations – Input on Promotional Items • Distribution Mailing of NEW Promotional Posters and Brochures
  21. 21. Project Find Youth K-6
  22. 22. Project Find Translated Spanish Arabic
  23. 23. Project Find Michigan Older Youth Dropped Out
  24. 24. Project Find Michigan Display Board
  25. 25. Launch NEW Website
  26. 26. First Time Ever
  27. 27. Thank You For Attending Brought To You By Early On Public Awareness Kathy Jorae, Information Referral Specialist Victoria Meeder, Marketing/Public Awareness Supervisor Lynne Ridenour, WebMaster/ Publications Specialist Mike Bobo, T&TA