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Q5 evaluation


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Q5 evaluation

  1. 1. By Nicky, Meg, Charlie and Arran.
  2. 2.  We wanted to build the tension and keep the audience engaged by not giving away the whole plot and just giving a snippet of might happen in the rest of the film. Through the camera shots we effectively built suspense by using blurred and shaky shots. From watching ‘se7en’ multiple times we decided that it effectively created tension so we tried to recreate a similar opening with our thriller by using handwriting like font, professional phrases and a series of close ups as our main shots as we thought that would be appropriate.
  3. 3.  Music: We found our piece of music from YouTube. We felt it was appropriate because it had an eerie sound to it and the sound conveniently got faster as the action got more intense. We chose music instead of dialogue because it we felt it would have been difficult to find a convincing actor to speak. Costume: We dressed our main actor in a suit and put aplastic black bag over his head so the identity was unknown.We felt this would be a more effective way of building tensionbecause it lets the audience imagine the face for themselves. Props: We included many harmful utensils such as knives,hammers and other tools. We chose these because they makethe audience think of death or that maybe someone will bekilled. We also used a mirror to create a reflection of theweapons, to make it look like the person behind the camera isin a confused state of mind, suggesting they are the murderer.
  4. 4.  CULT FILM:A cult film (also known as a cult movie/picture or a cult classic) is a film that has acquired a highly devoted but specific group of fans... For example.. POPULAR FILM:A popular film is a film with a wide range audience owned by a big famous company such as universal. For example…
  5. 5.  We feel that out film is a small production because it is similar to existing thrillers ; for example as we have mentioned before… ‘se7ven’. Therefore I think our film is more likely to be a cult film, maybe on a channel like film4 because there is already similar products shown that are popular. Also, we are only beginners so we would have to start at the bottom and work out way up to bigger companies such as paramount.