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Solar power enabled mobile phones technology


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awesome ppt.If this is application we can save electricity.

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Solar power enabled mobile phones technology

  2. 2. CONTENTS: Introduction.  Working of solar cell in mobiles.  Working of solar powered batteries.  Solar powered screens for phones.  Solar energy based mobile phones.  First invention of solar phone.  Features of the first solar phone.  Advantages.  Bonsai tree - solar mobile phone charger.  Conclusion. 
  3. 3. INTRODUCTION:  Now a days we have got used to our mobile phones so much and without our mobile phones we feel so handicapped.  In the beginning when telephone was invented we are limited to indoor calls and now with the invention of mobile phones we got little more free as we can use them any where.
  4. 4. “solar mobile phones decreases the use of electricity.” Technology is all of making complicated things as easier as possible to people commercially. Instead of carrying chargers these are replaced by solar mobile phones.  The technology of replacing solar energy with electricity are already coming into use in these days.
  5. 5. Working of solar cell in mobiles:  Solar cells is an electrical device that converts the energy of light into direct electricity by photovoltaic effect.  Photovoltaic effect is the creation of electric current in a material upon exposure to light. • when the solar cells are exposed to sunlight, can generate and support electric current on without being attached to external voltage.
  6. 6. Working of solar powered batteries:  Small photovoltaic cells or modules(group of these cells)are displayed on a large frame and directed at the sunlight.  These cells are made up of silicon semiconductors which will absorb part of the light and converts it into
  7. 7. Solar powered screens for phones: Instead of putting a large and ugly solar panel on the back of the device.  They want to integrate it into a phone display in such a way that user wouldn’t even know there is a solar panel on their phone.  The solar powered screens receives the sunlight. 
  8. 8. “Awesome idea to bring solar powered screens to mobile phones” The trick is in using a super thin flexible and transparent film that is applied onto the mobile phones screen.  Mobile phones screen which does not interfere with the phone’s functionality, even allowing for   A battery would still be required to provide the backup power and store the energy created by the film, but because the energy would be created not only from sun but also light source.
  9. 9. Solar energy based mobile phones: It works normally as other mobile phones while it charges up via a solar panel on the back of the phone in both sunny as well as cloudy day.  Apparently generating enough electric power to make a call. 
  10. 10. First Invention of Solar Phone:    The world’s first solar phone was launched on 17th June 2007. This phone was developed by Hitech wealth telecommunication of china. The invention of solar mobile phone brought solution to many problems.
  11. 11. Features of the first Solar Phone:  The Solar Phone panels trickle-charge the battery in any amount of light including indoors (or even by candlelight) .  The battery life is 2.5 times longer than it would without the panels .
  12. 12. “Solar mobile phone chargers once charged fully can hold even a year than regular batteries” Advantages:   These phones provide a unique interface to draw attention to preserve our fragile environment. These phones will be particularly useful in rural areas where there is no mains of electricity.  The phone can get fully charged in 815 hours depending on the climatic conditions. An hour of charging can yield between 5-15 minutes of talk time depending on the climatic conditions.
  13. 13. “Solar powered BONSAI TREE mobile phone charger” It is efficient to support charger it is not a real bonsai but it is energy modulated.  It is compelled with 27 silicon solar panels that can be arranged in a way.  The battery supports solar energy it can charge twice an i-pad in just 4 hours. 
  14. 14. “Sunlight is one of the easiest accessible source of energy” CONCLUSION:  Electrical chargers were not good enough to provide complete solution to some problems. What we have now in the form of solar travel chargers is a complete and good solution.