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SMS Technology for your Business

Here is a copy of my presentation in the Global ITPP Seoul 2008 Conference. I hope the content helps you see all teh possibilities of what can be done with SMS technology or Text messaging.

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SMS Technology for your Business

  1. 1. Enable your Business with SMS Technology by Melvin Dave P. Vivas Owner and Senior Consultant Melvin Dave Information Technology Consulting Philippines
  2. 2. Introduction Short Message Service (SMS) is a communications protocol allowing the interchange of short text messages between mobile telephone devices.* Short Message Service (SMS) Technology enables sending and receiving of text messages to and from mobile phones. *Source: Wikipedia
  3. 3. Introduction The text can comprise of words or numbers or an alphanumeric combination. Each short message is up to 160 characters in length. SMS text messaging is the most widely used data application on the planet, with 2.4 billion active users, or 74% of all mobile phone subscribers sending and receiving text messages on their phones*
  4. 4. Introduction Worldwide, approximately 350 billion text messages are exchanged per month SMS text messaging is the most widely used data application on the planet, with 2.4 billion active users, or 74% of all mobile phone subscribers sending and receiving text messages on their phones*
  5. 5. Why SMS? SMS can be sent and read anytime* SMS Messages can be sent to an offline Mobile Phone* SMS Messaging is less disturbing while you can still stay in touch* *Source
  6. 6. Why SMS? SMS is low-cost SMS is fast SMS has a wider consumer base SMS is supported 100% by all GSM mobile phones *Source
  7. 7. Worldwide Mobile Subscribers By end 2007, Asia Pacific led the worldwide subscriber base with approximately 1.3 billion Northern and Western Europe with 0.4 billion subscribers. Total subscribers increased from 1.7 billion to 3 billion in a span of for years from 2004-2007. That’s almost double!
  8. 8. Worldwide Mobile Subscribers
  9. 9. Worldwide Mobile Subscribers Asia Pacific N&W Europe C&E Europe North America Middle East Africa Latin America
  10. 10. The Future Trend 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011
  11. 11. Features Short messages Real-time Widest-coverage Guaranteed delivery
  12. 12. Business Applications
  13. 13. SMS Surveys SMS can be used to implement a survey. An advantage in implementing an SMS-based survey is that it encourages effective sampling considering the wide use of mobile services particularly the use of SMS technology.
  14. 14. SMS Surveys
  15. 15. Customer and Feedback Service Reach your customers and have them send feedback regarding your product or service by implementing an SMS-based feedback service. Customers can send comments or concerns using their mobile phone.
  16. 16. Inventory Management For simple inventory management, you can utilize this application. Update supplies information as soon as products are delivered or sold just by sending an SMS text message to your central database.
  17. 17. Intranet Integration An example where this application can be useful is integrating it with your Human Resource(HR) Application. Your employee, for example, can check his/ her leave credits by sending a text message to your SMS-based HR application then your SMS application sends the appropriate information requested, also, as a text message. File a medical leave using SMS
  18. 18. Systems Alerts Service The Systems Alerts Service solution can be quite useful. For example, system administrators can use this application to notify them in case a server goes down or a virus has infected the network. If integrated with the corporate e- mail server, employees can have a text message sent to them as e-mail notification to their mobile phone.
  19. 19. Systems Alerts Service
  20. 20. Job Dispatching Dispatch jobs using SMS. This type of application can be used to assign new jobs from local staff to field staff. An example of this application’s usage is in product delivery or courier package delivery where the messenger can update the delivery status through text messaging. The messenger can send a message like quot;DELIVERY 2222 complete,proceeding to DELIVERY 2223quot;
  21. 21. Corporate Sales Information Not much information can be sent through SMS Messaging but it can relay sufficient information needed by your customers such as company contact numbers, address, and corporate branches. It can also relay information such as product pricing or service rates. An advantage of using this kind of service compared to web applications is that users don’t have to use the Internet to access vital information regarding your company.
  22. 22. Corporate Sales Information
  23. 23. Customer alerts/notifications Since SMS is a quick way to communicate with customers, you can also utilize the technology to send information. Flight information or status changes Bills payment reminders Send updated news about your product Thank you messages
  24. 24. Two-factor authentication SMS-delivered two-factor authentication provides more security for your end users. It strengthens security by adding an additional layer besides passwords. Time-based generation of keys so spoofing is not that easy. Cheaper implementation than token devices Easy provisioning
  25. 25. Reservation/Booking System Implementing an SMS-based reservation/booking system is also a possibility. An example would be reserving seats for a concert or a movie premiere will be quite convenient if it is implemented using SMS Text Messaging. You can also implement this for transportation booking or reservation
  26. 26. Product delivery tracking Systems can also be integrated with tracking devices and alerts can be sent using SMS.
  27. 27. Customer Ordering System It is also possible to develop an ordering system via SMS. You can let clients order using SMS and notify them when their order is already ready This can be used for dine-in and dine-out customers Source: Korean Times
  28. 28. Customer Ordering System In Sep 2007, McDonald's and SK Telecom launched a new ordering system using mobile phones and infrared sensors which let customers make orders from their table and sends them a phone message when the meal is ready. Source: Korean Times
  29. 29. Mobile Payments With a secure GSM network, you can also implement mobile payments using SMS It proves to be a convenient way of payment since you can pay anywhere as long as you have GSM coverage. Real-time payment as payment gateways are integrated with the telcos.
  30. 30. Mobile Payments Globe GCASH in the Philippines gave subscribers access to a cashless and cardless method of facilitating money. It is used for money remittance, donations, loan settlement, disbursement of salaries or commissions, and payment of bills, products and services. Globe Telecom and Western Union deliver mobile money transfers in the Philippines
  31. 31. Mobile Payments SMART Padala is the first cash remittance service via text. It is a faster and cheaper way of remitting cash from a sender abroad to the celfone of a beneficiary here in the Philippines
  32. 32. Mobile Marketing Marketing on a mobile phone has become increasingly popular ever since the rise of SMS (Short Message Service) in the early 2000s in Europe and some parts of Asia when businesses started to collect mobile phone numbers and send content. Over the past few years SMS has become a legitimate advertising channel in some parts of the world.
  33. 33. Mobile Marketing SMS has become the most popular branch of the Mobile Marketing industry with several 100 million advertising SMS sent out every month in Europe alone. According to a survey conducted by a mobile marketing provider, approximately 89% of major brands are planning to market their products through text and multimedia mobile messaging by 2008
  34. 34. Raffle/Contests/Promotions Mobile raffles/contests/promotions can also be used with SMS to enhance product or services marketing Create a customer profile database which may be useful for future marketing activities and targeted advertising.
  35. 35. Raffle/Contests/Promotions Prize: $100 Burger King vouchers (x3 winners each week for 4 weeks) SMS your vote to win the above prize!
  36. 36. Government Service Applications Confirm tax payments(Philippines) Government announcements via SMS alerts e.g. TEXT NFA, Singapore Ministry of Manpower queue alerts, French Embassy Updates Citizens in Lebanon by SMS, Warnings of national emergencies in the U.S. Pay parking fines(Singapore) Checking Central Provident Fund(CPF)
  37. 37. Government Service Applications Crime watch Announcement of government programs e.g. save the trees, no-smoking campaigns, etc. Gather constituents complaints/feedback Typhoon alerts Power lines monitoring
  38. 38. How to integrate?
  39. 39. Integration Approaches Direct interface to the telecommunications companies e.g. SK Telecom, Nepal Telecom, Globe Telecom, SingTel etc. Interface with bulk SMS providers e.g. Clickatell, Chikka Deploy a SMS appliance and integrate applications with it Use a GSM modem and let in-house developers integrate existing applications
  40. 40. Direct interface to telcos Connect to Short Message Service Center (SMSC) which is managed by telcos Depending on the telco implementation, it is required to use SMPP, UCP/EMI, CIMD2 protocols Advantage is turnaround time of messaging is fast since the infrastructure is within the telco space Disadvantage is SMSC low-level protocols are harder to interface with and telcos require volume before giving access
  41. 41. Direct interface to telcos Logos are owned by the respective telcos
  42. 42. Bulk SMS providers Connect to bulk SMS providers like Clickatell Common protocols for integration like HTTP, XML, SMTP, SOAP, FTP are available Advantage is more protocols are available for integration and these common protocols are easier to work with. Also, it has worldwide coverage Disadvantage is that this approach tends to be more expensive
  43. 43. Bulk SMS providers
  44. 44. Use a GSM modem A GSM modem can be used to implement a SMS solution Advantage of this approach is that it is up- front cost is cheaper since a GSM modem will only be purchased Disadvantage is custom programming to communicate with the GSM modem is required which will tend to be more expensive in the long-run
  45. 45. Use a GSM modem
  46. 46. SMS Appliance Another approach is to use a SMS appliance Common protocols like HTTP, Java Messaging Service(JMS), Database APIs, Web services can be used to integrate Advantage is faster time to deploy and is cheaper in the long run. Protocols are easier to integrate with. Out-of-the-box solution Disadvantage is sending SMS is not as fast as those directly connected to the telcos
  47. 47. SMS Appliance
  48. 48. References Wikipedia trends-august-2008-presentation
  49. 49. References
  50. 50. Thank you! For questions, you can contact me at +63.915.5378394