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  1. 1. CLOTHES
  2. 2. Depending on the season and the kind of weather, we can wear different types of clothes…
  3. 3. When It’s Summer and hot, we wear… T-shirt Shorts Skirt Blouse Dress
  4. 4. Sandals Swimsuit SunglassesSwimming trunks Cap Flip-flops
  5. 5. When it’s Winter and cold, we wear… Trousers Coat Jumper - Sweater Jeans Jacket
  6. 6. Boots Gloves Cardigan Scarf Shirt Socks
  7. 7. Hat Wellies - Rubber boots Shoes Belt Glasses
  8. 8. What are you wearing?I’m wearing a pink dress and orange boots.
  9. 9. What are you wearing? I’m wearing yellow boots, blue jeans, a blue belt, a shirt, a scarf and a blue hat.