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Pete seeger

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Pete seeger

  1. 1. Pete Seeger May 3rd, 1919- January 27, 2014
  2. 2. Background Charles Seeger (father): taught music at University of California Constance Seeger (mother): taught violin at Julliard School Accepted a scholarship to Harvard University in 1936, two years later he failed an exam, causing him to lose his scholarship and drop out
  3. 3. Early Musical Career 1940: Folk Quartet- Almanac Singers -Songs pertaining to Union and War - Examples: Songs for John Doe Dear Mr. President 1942-1945: Drafted into US Army; picked music back up when returned 1948: Formed The Weavers
  4. 4. The Musical Protester View on War: Against Vietnam War: - Against Lyndon Johnson’s war policy of following the Truman Doctrine -”Bring Em Home”: Written to strongly state that we should pull our men out of War because they need to be home with their friends and families
  5. 5. The Musical Protester “Waist Deep in the Big Muddy” : Written to strongly state how the Vietnam War was continuously pushing the United States deeper into the war, despite being so unpopular
  6. 6. Change “We are all stronger together than apart” Pete believed that change came from community Song helps portray messages better through tone Voices raised together in song can inspire and teach
  7. 7. R.I.P. Pete
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