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Organization & integration of experience and content

IV - Step in Curriculum development

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Organization & integration of experience and content

  2. 2. IV – STAGE Combining of information about experiences. Organization of learning experience should done for theory and practice. The learning experience should be as follows1. One which will give the student an opportunity to practice the kind of behavior implied in the objective.2. In keeping with the students abillity to undergo the desired change of behavior and not be beyond her / his particular stage of development.3. Adopted on the needs of the students, so that she will obtain satisfaction from behaving in the manner implied in the objectives.
  3. 3. ORGANIZATION OF LEARNING EXPERIENCES The learning experience of this semester or years, build upon those of last semester or last year but go more deeply and broadly into the subject so as to produce of deeper and broader understanding and increased skill on the part of the student. The learning in one area of instruction are related to and interdependent on the areas of learning that the student is now engaged in.
  5. 5. CONTINUITY It refers to the relationship existing between different levels of the same subjects or skills. It is the recurring emphasis on the ‘learners’ experience on the particular elements.
  6. 6. SEQUENCE It is also related to continuity but going beyond its relationships. In sequence each successive experience goes more deeply and broadly into the subjects. Each experience, reinforce and extends the previous one. Curriculum practices in the arrangement of sequence of learning experiences usually based according to one of the following.  Chronological order  Logical order  Difficulty
  7. 7. INTEGRATION It refers to the relationship among learning experiences which bring about a unified view and behavior is a horizontal relationship which cuts across several subjects and the areas of students life. The term integration refers to continuous, intelligent and interactive adjusting.
  8. 8. GUIDELINES A learning experience is defined as an interaction between the student and conditions in the environment to which he/she can react. The faculty should develop a systematic approach to the selection of learning experiences through which students are provided with opportunity to meet the objective. Learning experience should allow the students to practice the kind of behavior called for by the objective.
  9. 9.  A learning experience should provide activities which allow the student to practice the behavior implied in the objective and to drive satisfaction from so doing. A learning experience should be as the student’s level of accomplishment. A learning experience should be in accord with the school’s philosophy and with the statement on the psychology of learning accepted by the faculty.
  10. 10.  Effective learning depends upon planned organization of the experiences included in the curriculum. The teaching method used should depend upon the purpose to be served the learner, teacher and the available resources. The selection, organization and guidance of students ‘learning’ experiences should be submitted to the continuous appraisal by the faculty.