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Beautiful Iran4


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Iran, also known as Persia, officially the Islamic Republic of Iran, a country in Western Asia, comprising a land area of 1,648,195 km2, it is the second-largest nation in the Middle East and the 18th-largest in the world; with 78.4 million inhabitants, Iran is the world's 17th most populous nation.
Iran is home to one of the world's oldest civilizations, beginning with the formation of the Proto-Elamite and Elamite kingdom in 3200–2800 BCE.
Multicultural nations comprising numerous ethnic and linguistic groups, most inhabitants are Shi'ites, the Iranian rial is its currency, and Persian is the official language.

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Beautiful Iran4

  1. 1. 44
  2. 2. Jame' Mosque- Grand Mosque Urmia© Hessam Moosavi
  3. 3. Veresk Bridge @Mohammad Reza Dastafkan
  4. 4. Taq-e Bostan ("the arch of the garden"): site of several Sasanian rock reliefs, on the northeastern outskirts of modern Kermanshah
  5. 5. Yazd, Bogheh-ye Seyed Roknaddin The beautiful blue-tiled dome that marks the Mausoleum of Seyed Roknaddin, the tomb of local Islamic notable Seyed Roknaddin Mohammad Qazi, is visible from any elevated point around the city.
  6. 6. Zoroastrian Temple of Yazd (Ateshkadeh) © Gul Chotrani
  7. 7. Zoroastrian Temple of Yazd © Gul Chotrani
  8. 8. Yazd, The Amir Chakhmaq Complex ©mypersiancorner
  9. 9. Yazd The Amir Chakhmaq Complex © Gul Chotrani
  10. 10. YazdYazd The Amir Chakhmaq Complex © Gul Chotrani Yazd,KabirJameMosque
  11. 11. Yazd, Kabir Jame Mosque ©mypersiancorner
  12. 12. Yazd, Kabir Jame Mosque ©mypersiancorner
  13. 13. Yazd, Kabir Jame Mosque ©mypersiancorner
  14. 14. Yazd, Kabir Jame Mosque ©mypersiancorner
  15. 15. Yazd, Kabir Jame Mosque ©mypersiancorner
  16. 16. Yazd, Zendāne Eskandar, Alexander's Prison ©mypersiancorner
  17. 17. Yazd, Zoroastrian neighborhood Kilim
  18. 18. Yazd, Taghdiri house beside, Ardekan Yazd, Zoroastrian neighborhood
  19. 19. Esfahan, The back of Ali Qapu Palace, Unesco World Heritage Site
  20. 20. Tehran © Gul Chotrani
  21. 21. Tehran
  22. 22. Tehran
  23. 23. Tehran
  24. 24. Tehran Grand Baazar is considered the world's largest
  25. 25. Tehran this building on the periphery of the baazar was for centuries used as a haven for travelers
  26. 26. Tehran Women in chadors disembark from a traditional carriage outside the Baazar entrance
  27. 27. Tehran Golestan Palace ©mypersiancorner
  28. 28. Tehran Golestan Palace on 2013 was proclaimed as world heritage site
  29. 29. Tehran Golestan Palace The Shamsol Emareh, from Naseer al-din Shah's era, was built in 1867 to house the Shah's personal harem
  30. 30. Tehran Golestan Palace, Edifice of the Sun
  31. 31. Tehran Golestan Palace © Gul Chotrani
  32. 32. Tehran Golestan Palace
  33. 33. Tehran Golestan Palace
  34. 34. Tehran Golestan Palace
  35. 35. Tehran Golestan Palace
  36. 36. Tehran Golestan Palace
  37. 37. Tehran Golestan Palace
  38. 38. Tehran Golestan Palace
  39. 39. Tehran Golestan Palace, Entrance of Salam Hall
  40. 40. Mehrdad Jamshidi (Iranian artist, 1970) “A girl on Golestan palace” 2002 (Oil on canvas 121 x 91 cm)
  41. 41. Tehran Golestan Palace
  42. 42. Tehran Golestan Palace From earliest days, Platanus Orientalis has been an important tree in Persian gardens, which are built around water and shade. There it is known as the chenar. A Plane tree is the main theme in the aria Ombra mai fu composed by George Frideric Handel, in which the main character, Xerxes I of Persia, admires the shade of a plane tree.
  43. 43. Tehran is the country's 32nd capital and is a fascinating mix of the old and new
  44. 44. Inverted Tulips, Fritillaria imperialis, GolestanKouh, Iran The Qeychak has three or four metal strings
  45. 45. Inverted Tulips, Fritillaria imperialis, GolestanKouh, Iran
  46. 46. Text and pictures: Internet Copyright: All the images belong to their authors Presentation: Sanda Foişoreanu Sound: Sari Galin - Hossein Alizadeh & Djivan Gasparyan