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Saint George the dragon slayer4


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All Christian churches remember Saint George on 23rd April. St. George was a martyr of the early fourth century, in the time of persecution of Christians under the Roman Emperor Diocletian. Over the centuries, legends formed around him. The most important of these is preserved in the “Legend aurea”, a collection of stories of the 12th St. Century

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Saint George the dragon slayer4

  1. 1. Caceres (Spain) Plaza de San Jorge
  2. 2. Caceres(Spain) PlazadeSanJorge
  3. 3. Zaragoza (Spain) Decoration detail Chapel of San Vicente Martyr, Cathedral (La Seo)
  4. 4. Tübingen (Germany) Stiftskirche St. Georg
  5. 5. Tübingen (Germany) Stiftskirche St . Georg
  6. 6. Vienna Kunsthistorisches Museum 16th century
  7. 7. England Downside Abbey Detail from the Van Cutsem memorial chapel by Sir Ninian Comper British Museum 1628-1629 Ion Irimescu (1903-2005)
  8. 8. Antwerpen (Belgium) GroteMarkt St. George's GuildGuild Houses in Grote Market Historic Center
  9. 9. Berlin (Germany) Bronze statue, "Holy St. George fighting the dragon" by sculptor August Kiss from 1853
  10. 10. The 6m high statue group by sculptor August Kiss (1802 – 1865) is fascinating for its detailed design
  11. 11. Until the demolition of the Stadtschloss, the monument was located in its courtyard, later in Friedrichshain park
  12. 12. With the reconstruction of the Nikolaiviertel the equestrian statue has found a proper place in Berlin’s historic center, facing the oldest church in the city – St. Nicholas Church
  13. 13. Berlin (Germany)
  14. 14. Chateau Pierrefonds (Oise, France) Ivan Gamolskogo
  15. 15. Ukraine - Kharkiv (or Kharkov) Charles Darwin street
  16. 16. Ukraine - Lwow The baroque-rococo St. George's Cathedral (one of the finest examples of rococo church architecture in Europe) constructed between 1744-1760 on a hill overlooking the city
  17. 17. An expressive statue of St. George the Dragon-slayer, by Johann Georg Pinsel, stands in the church attic. Pinsel's hands also created the stony images of St. Leo, the Pope and St. Athanasius who stand on guard over the church portal "warning with their stern look about their readiness to fight against anyone not showing enough venerability”
  18. 18. Johann Georg Pinsel – one of the most talented and mysterious sculptors of the 18th century. He is nicknamed Ukrainian Michelangelo for his extraordinary mastery. An exhibition of the renowned Ukrainian artist in the Louvre was opened in 2012
  19. 19. Bethlehem - Statue of Saint George and the Dragon in Church of the Nativity
  20. 20. The  Church  of the  Nativity in Bethlehem
  21. 21. Ukraine Donetsk
  22. 22. Bolshereche (Russia) Old Siberian historical-cultural Museum complex Starina
  23. 23. Bolshereche (Russia)
  24. 24. Bolshereche (Russia)
  25. 25. Bobruisk, Belarus
  26. 26. Bobruisk, Belarus
  27. 27. Ethiopia Lalibela the monolithic church Saint George was carved out of rock
  28. 28. Ivanovo (Russia) The monument was created without budget funding for the means of philanthropists. Sculpture of George created by renowned artist Sergei Isakov and philanthropists donated to the city
  29. 29. Ivanovo (Russia) St George's Church Work on the church was started in 2005 on the 60th anniversary of the end of the Second World War and was completed two years later in 2007.
  30. 30. Ivanovo (Russia) St George's Church In form it represents a tall white gable church with a single golden dome. The church also stands as a memorial to those who fell in the Second World War.
  31. 31. Ivanovo (Russia)
  32. 32. Jurmala (Latvia)
  33. 33. Kurgan (Russia) Church of the Nativity
  34. 34. Kurgan (Russia) Monument to St. George sculptor Igor Akimov
  35. 35. Krasnodar, Russia Memorial Arch Marshal Georgy Zhukov
  36. 36. Krasnodar, Russia Memorial Arch Marshal Georgy Zhukov
  37. 37. Melbourne (Australia) St George and the dragon, 1889 English sculptor Sir Joseph Edgar Boehm
  38. 38. Melbourne (Australia) St George and the dragon, 1889 English sculptor Sir Joseph Edgar Boehm
  39. 39. Melbourne (Australia)
  40. 40. Pendant made by Lluís Masriera i Rosés in the collection at the Museu Nacional d'Art de Catalunya
  41. 41. United Kingdom
  42. 42. Polychrome wood figure of St. George and the dragon, Tyrol, 16th century style 106cm high St.GeorgeandtheDragon-1597
  43. 43. Text & pictures: Internet Copyright: All the images belong to their authors Presentation: Sanda Foişoreanu Sound: Juan Diego Florez - Plaudite, Sonat Tuba - Alleluia 2016