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Portugal Óbidos 3

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Obidos is a town located in the historical province of Estremadura. Obidos was originally a fortified Roman settlement, becoming a military stronghold under the Arabs, reconquested by the Christians in 1148. The Castle and city walls were repeatedly repaired and expanded over the years.
Óbidos is a medieval walled town where time has passed it by. Within the extensive walls there are narrow cobbled streets, houses painted white with blue or yellow trim, flower boxes and old lamp lights. It has been well preserved; TV antennas and telephone wires are all underground to maintain the medieval atmosphere. The castle is located at the highest point. Today it is a "Pousada".

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Portugal Óbidos 3

  1. 1.
  2. 2. Óbidos is a town of approximately 3100 inhabitants located in the Estremadura Province, in Portugal. The area was taken from the Moors by the first King of Portugal, Afonso Henriques, in 1148
  3. 3. Next to the castle is the Church of Santiago, which was the fortress Chapel.
  4. 4. Now a bookstore inhabits this deconsecrated church. Fantastic concept, great interior.
  5. 5. In the midst of souvenir shops and tourist savy cafes, one can find a true gem of shopping fundamental goods: Vila Literária Óbidos sells both secondhand books and organic fruit and vegetables. The two product segments come together in emptied fruit boxes which cover all four walls from floor to ceiling, making for an appealing vintage interior design.
  6. 6. Igreja de Sao Pedro St. Peter’s Church is a Gothic temple founded during the middle Ages, originally with three naves. The 1755 earthquake destroyed the temple. Later, it was completely rebuilt.
  7. 7. Igreja de Sao Pedro
  8. 8. Igreja de Sao Pedro
  9. 9. The famous painter Josefa de Ayalla, also known as Josefa d’ Óbidos, deceased in 1684, is buried in this church
  10. 10. Igreja da Misericórdia
  11. 11. Text: Internet Pictures: Internet Sanda Foişoreanu Copyrights of the photos belong to each photographer Presentation: Sanda Foişoreanu Sound: Ioana Povoa - O meu rosario; A rosa e o chico; Nao sabemos