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The Content Marketing Imperative - NewsCred Content Summit Summit 9-18



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The content marketing imperative, the history of advertising and how brands can reach their audience through stories people want to read and share.

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The Content Marketing Imperative - NewsCred Content Summit Summit 9-18

  1. The Content Marketing Imperative Michael Brenner NewsCred – Head of Strategy @BrennerMichael
  2. Great marketing is great storytelling
  3. Today’s always-on, connected world presents a huge challenge and an opportunity for Brands
  4. We need to connect with our audience through stories people love!
  5. Today we are all connected
  7. The first TV ad - 1941
  8. Camel ad - 1950
  9. Apple - “1984”
  10. 14
  11. “Content Marketing is all the marketing that’s left!” Seth Godin, 2008
  12. The Internet - Mosaic browser 1993
  13. The first online banner ad - 1994
  14. Thank You Mom - 2014
  15. 60-70% of marketing content goes completely unused. (Sirius Decisions)
  16. 73% of people surveyed wouldn’t care if the brands they use disappeared from their life. (Co.Exist)
  17. 80% of CEOs unsatisfied with CMOs (Fournaise Group)
  18. WTF is wrong with marketing?
  19. Newspaper Advertising Revenue: Adjusted for Inflation, 1950 to 2013
  20. Banners? You are more likely to . . .
  21. Remain Optimistic About Mobile Ad Spend Growth… Print Remains Way Over-Indexed
  22. Unilever Marketing Spend 2000-2015
  23. Unilever Marketing Spend 2000-2015
  24. Unilever Marketing Spend 2000-2015
  25. “Content Marketing ROI is 4X our traditional marketing spend.” Julie Fleischer, Kraft
  26. FROM What will change in 2015? Content about us Content for social Disconnected digital channels Campaign-driven content TO Customer-centric storytelling Content at the core of everything Brand content hubs / publishers Continuous “culture of content”
  27. “Brands need to take the phrase ‘acting like a publisher’ literally.” Dietrich Mateschitz, Founder and CEO Red Bull
  28. Examples: Brand Entertainment
  29. 41
  30. Kmart 2014
  31. Your audience wants stories! Will you give it to them? @BrennerMichael
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