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Brand Map Framework
The content that you publish largely depends on your target audience – their interests, behaviors and motivations. This demographic plays a key role in your content creation and distribution process.
The publications you license content from, the topics you write about and the distribution channels that you use.
What is your target demographic? What kind of publications does your audience
What social channels does your audience
frequently engage on?
What events does your audience care about?
Brand Strategy
Understanding your brand's identity is key to understanding the type of content that your brand should source and create. Content marketing should always convey your unique brand personality
consistently, from the photos that you publish to the blog posts that you create.
What is your brand’s ambition or purpose? What is your brand voice? What are the design principles of your brand’s
visual identity?
What owned assets (color, typeface, etc.)
signal your brand?
Content Strategy
Our mission is to help brands simplify and scale their entire content marketing process: content planning, discovery, creation, publishing, distribution and measurement. Understanding your current
process and challenges as well as your future goals will help us shape a content marketing strategy unique to your brand, resources, internal creative/compliance processes.
Who is the organization responsible
for your content strategy?
What does your current content
workflow look like?
Do you currently use a mix of
content types (original, licensed,
social, etc.)?
What do you like about your content
marketing strategy and what do you
want to change?
What are your content pillars?
What are your SEO keyword
priorities? What longtail keywords
are you interested in?
What type of content do you want to
What products or services (if any)
do you want us to keep in mind?
Are there specific geographic
regions or cities we should keep in
Which social channels would you
like to prioritize? What is your ideal
content cadence?
Distribution Strategy
Distribution is just as important as the content itself. It is important to understand which channels will reach your target audience and how you should share content across each channel.
What channels do you use for organic distribution? What channels do you use for paid distribution? What demand generation programs do you use?

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