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Virtual + Magazine (2012 vEN)


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Virtual + Magazine (2012 vEN)

  2. 2. The Solution ISUS is an revolutionary online platform that connects language learners to top trainers around the world. Learners are assigned a dedicated trainer who analyses their needs, identifies their goals, and then guides and motivates them through a personalized one-to-one program that makes learning fun, engaging and highly effective. ISUS is not traditional learning. ISUS is not e-learning. ISUS is technology- facilitated, human-driven learning. ISUS is eLearning 2.0.
  3. 3. Why ISUS? Anytime, Anyplace Top trainers Guaranteed quality Personalised programs Real language, real-time Needs Driven Intuitive design Built for Business Blended Learning enabled Multiple languages
  4. 4. Top Trainers With no geographic limits, ISUS is able to employ the best trainers around the world. Staff are subject to a rigorous recruitment, training and certification procedures. Key characteristics include:  Native-speakers  Business experience  Teaching qualifications / experience  Strong communication skills  Positivity and warmth  Availability + Flexibility  IT literate + well-connected
  5. 5. Quality 100% Guaranteed ISUS includes a real-time monitoring system that provides up-to-the- minute statistics and proactive alerts on class quality levels, trainer performance, activity effectiveness and a range of other key performance indicators. This enables our pedagogical support team to take proactive steps to address any potential problems guaranteeing maximum quality at all times
  6. 6. Personalized Programs ISUS programs are 100% personalized so every minute is spent on relevant topics. Classified by language, level, type, sector, author and date, trainers hand-pick activities from a library of >1000 core curriculum activities. Students work on their own specific needs at their own individual pace. Preparing for an important presentation? Need to deliver a report before the end of the week? No problem. With needs driven activities, trainers build the class around the task a learner is working on, helping them deliver the best possible results and develop some key skills at the same time.
  7. 7. Intuitive Design ISUS is simple and easy to use. Highlighted characteristics include:  Clean intuitive design  Automatic record-keeping of classes, activities, reports etc.  Personalised homepages  Integration with electronic calendars  Helpful email reminders Motivate your learners with an environment which is fun, easy and effective!
  8. 8. Built for Business • Dedicated team of specialist multi-lingual program managers around the world. • Powerful suite of workflow management tools that ensure smooth, easy launches of thousands of students at a time. • Invaluable experience from more than 500,000 online training sessions. • Sophisticated real-time monitoring and reporting systems that provide detailed data across all key performance indicators. • The choice of top companies around the world.
  9. 9. How does it work? Prepare Connect ConsolidateLearners prepare with a Learners connect with Learners consolidate theirrange of individually- their trainer over the learning with a follow-upassigned interactive phone or online activity and aonline activities that through Skype for 25 personalised feedbackcover all key skill areas. minutes of live 121 report that’s prepared by speaking. their trainer.
  10. 10. Preparation Activities Prepare Connect Consolidate
  11. 11. Activities and Class TrackingThe student can see their completed activities on their activities dashboard within theplatform, divided by contents and language competency:
  12. 12. Class Feedback and Learning Tools Prepare Connect Consolidate
  13. 13. Additional BenefitsHASSLE-FREE ENVIRONMENTAL FUNDING-FRIENDLY No software No travel Compliant with No plug-ins No paper standard subsidy and funding programsNo special setup No packaging
  14. 14. Fantastic Results! The ISUS method is unique in its proven ability to give learners a dramatic breakthrough in their confidence and ability to speak. Learners report immediate improvement with:  listening comprehension  comfort and fluency on the phone  stronger relationships with colleagues, clients and suppliers ISUS has consistently demonstrated an unprecedented return-on-investment by delivering the optimum balance of online and trainer-led learning, with: • Individual learning plans • Outstanding attendance levels • Unparalleled fluency improvement
  15. 15. ISUS™ MagazineThe New Generation of e-Learning
  16. 16. What is ISUS Magazine?ISUS Magazine is a new concept in e-learning that we have developed using ouraward-winning ISUS™ technology, integrating the latest trends in language training foradults. It’s a highly cost-effective solution that uses real-world English and up-to-the-minute topics to engage learners to the maximum, with fresh interactive content updated every week. Exciting videos, audio interviews and articles covering weekly features, business, lifestyle and even sports.These sections combine with a structured core curriculum (based on the CommonEuropean Framework) to keep learners motivated and progressing week in, week out.The ISUS Magazine offers over 200 hours of self-study per year.
  17. 17. A tailored e-Learning Solution – for Client and Student• ISUS Magazine contains several sections. Each client can choose the sections that best suit their learning needs.• The student leans using the contents and section that they prefer.
  18. 18. ISUS Magazine Contents Articles  PREMIUM Activities: takenWeekly articles from the ISUS Corewith exciting Curriculum in the samegames, format as ISUS Virtualchallenging activities, providing completequestions, new coverage from beginner tovocabulary, advanced students.usefulexpressions and  Clever tips and tricks,practical expressions and advicegrammar tips. In our weekly workout section. Latest NewsLatest news  Weekly videosstories taken from With interactiveEnglish questions to practisepublications from audioall over the world. comprehension.
  19. 19. The Latest Trends in e-Learning Blended learning Up-to-date Content enabled Dynamic Content Real English ISUS™ MagazineBusines English Social learning Personalised
  20. 20. Advantages of ISUS Magazine  Flexible: when you want, where you want.  Multiple sections: learn through contents that most interest you.  Up-to-date and dynamic content: Videos, blogs, news and other web content.  Advanced Interactivity: 7 different types of interactive questions to maximize motivation.  Powerful Tools: Dictionaries, translators and the new ISUS Grammar Wiki.  Blended Learning Enabled: Integrates and aligns your virtual training, tutoring and face-to-face training through the ISUS™ ecosystem.  Designed for corporate companies: No software or special configurations, 24/7 access, dedicated customer care specialists and advanced reporting tools.  Multiple languages: available in English and French. Coming soon in Spanish and Portuguese.  Economic: An attractive , efficient and interesting way for English language training to reach everybody.
  21. 21. Activity Tracking and Control (Client)Personalized reports and tracking:  Nº of Magazine activities programmed and completed  Nº of recommended activities programmed and completed  Total scoring per activity  Total study time on-site  Total connection time on-site
  22. 22. Activity Tracking and Control (Student)The student can see their completed activities on their activities dashboard within theplatform, divided by contents and language competency :
  23. 23. What do our students think of ISUS Magazine?2011: survey carried out with 2654 participantes in more than 45 companies. Educational, Entertaining, Practical Which of the following words would describe your experience with ISUS Magazine? Educational 100% - Entertaining 85% - Practical 82% 98% 94% of those surveyed said they would of those surveryed said they would like to continue studying recommend ISUS Magazine to friends, permanently with ISUS Magazine. colleagues and their Human Resources Department