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College day pressie


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Published in: Education, Health & Medicine
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College day pressie

  1. 1. Hello, my name is: Michelle Darling Mountain View High School College Awareness Day | October 2014
  2. 2. About Me ● ● ● ● ● ( M.O.M. to a 9th grader and a 3rd grader. MVHS Tutor - available Mondays at Tutorial Center. Massage Therapist @ Google, Yahoo!, etc. Tech Manager, Trainer, Database Developer. World traveller (14 countries so far...) ○ ASIA: Japan, Korea, Singapore, Hong Kong, Malaysia ○ LAT AM: Argentina, Brazil, Mexico ○ EUROPE: UK, France, Belgium
  3. 3. My Educational Journey ● 1984 - Freehold High School, NJ ● 1988 - Rutgers University, Bachelor’s in Computer Science. ● 1994 - Rutgers University Master’s in Communication and Info Science. ● 2004 - West Valley College, Certificate in Massage Therapy. ● 2014 - UCSC Extension Certificate in Database and Data Analytics.
  4. 4. HIGH SCHOOL ● Philippines: ○ Girl’s Catholic High School. ○ Interests: Writing, World Lit. ● Freehold, NJ ○ US Coed high school = culture shock! ○ Interests: Computer Science, Writing.
  5. 5. COLLEGE: Douglass College, Rutgers University Why Douglass at Rutgers? ● ● ● ● 4 year state school = affordable tuition. Close to home (but not too close). Small college within a big university. Extra support for female students: ○ STEM Internships. ○ PT job as Computer Center Manager. ○ Female-only dorms (but co-ed classes).
  6. 6. COLLEGE: Bachelor’s in Computer Science Why Computer Science (not Journalism)? ● ● ● ● I LIKED it. I was GOOD at it (with extra effort). It would lead to a rewarding job. Opportunity to change the world by working in a male-dominated field.
  7. 7. GRADUATE SCHOOL: Master’s in CIS Why go to grad school? ● I LIKED it, and I was GOOD at it. ● My employer was paying for it. ● It made me a better employee. ● It opened up new job opportunities!
  8. 8. CERTIFICATE: West Valley College Massage Therapy Why Massage Therapy? ● I LOVE it, and I’m VERY GOOD at it! ● Family-friendly career. ● Rewarding PT job. ● Opportunity to make a positive difference in people’s lives. Why West Valley College? ● Community college = affordable tuition. ● Childcare availability. ● Just right: size, commute, balance between school & family.
  9. 9. CERTIFICATE: UCSC Extension Data Analytics Why go back to school? ● I LOVE it and I’m VERY GOOD at it! ● Update skills to get a rewarding FT job. ● Inspire my kids to be life-long learners. ● Opportunity to change the world by helping to tame “Big Data.”
  10. 10. At each step on YOUR journey... Ask yourself: Do I love (or at least like) it? Am I good at it? What do I need to get there? Will it be rewarding enough? Do I have the opportunity to change the world or help others? ● Is the fit “just right”? ● ● ● ● ● Enjoy your journey! P.S. The journey never ends.