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How To Stop Premature Ejaculation


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How To Stop Premature Ejaculation FOREVER.

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How To Stop Premature Ejaculation

  1. 1. Unstoppable Stamina: 7 Secrets Porn Stars Know (That Most Men Don’t) This report is a small preview of Lloyd Lester’s “Ejaculation By Command” To download the full version, click here >> "Well firstly I would like to say I am seeing a massive improvement already. I cannot believe how quick things have started to change. I always thought this was a problem I am going to be stuck with. I feel a lot more confident now :-) I felt like I was in control all the way from start to end, I have never lasted that long! -- Wayne L., UK Copyright © 2
  2. 2. Unstoppable Stamina: 7 Secrets Porn Stars Know (That Most Men Don’t) Unstoppable Stamina: 7 Secrets Porn Stars Know (That Most Men Don’t) Lloyd Lester, Author, EjaculationByCommand.comW hat istoday? ONE sexual problem that men face the numberAsk any grown-up men and chances are,most will say premature ejaculation. And likemost guys, you probably have some reactionto that term. You probably feel some anxietyeach time you have sex, fearing that you willblow it in double-quick time. Or perhaps youworry that your wife, girlfriend or lover issecretly craving for someone who has thekind of super stamina that gives her anorgasm every time. As a matter of fact, theseare VERY real concerns.While premature ejaculation is twice as common as itsother "cousin" - erectile dysfunction - it is FAR lessunderstood by most men.So What Is The Issue With Premature Ejaculation?Well, most men know instinctively this is a HUGEproblem in the bedroom. But it is also important torecognize WHY this is so, and overcome this issue so thatit doesnt destroy your relationship. Copyright © 3
  3. 3. Unstoppable Stamina: 7 Secrets Porn Stars Know (That Most Men Don’t)If you are not able to last long enough… 1. You will deprive your partner of the sexual Most women need at least 10-15 satisfaction she desperately desires. It compels her minutes of to seek it elsewhere - either by herself or with constant stimulation to another man. reach an orgasm. Thus its easy to understand why 2. It makes her question your manliness. It makes among all the male sexual you a "loser" in her eyes, makes her lose respect problems, the for your masculine power, and nags you over petty inability to last longer is the stuff (honestly!) number ONE issue. 3. It makes her crave for a REAL man who can last. Look, there is only so much a woman can put up with a man suffering from PE. There is a good chance she will eventually give in to her desires and seek out someone who can satisfy her with a sensational stamina and a sturdy rhythm!These issues can severely affect your relationship withyour romantic half, shake your confidence and destroyyour self-image.But All These Problems Can Be Turned Around...Did you know that sensational stamina - just like anyother physical attributes that we want to improve on - canbe learned and acquired?The key to fixing premature ejaculation for most guys, isto reset your bodys arousal levels and re-wire your Copyright © 4
  4. 4. Unstoppable Stamina: 7 Secrets Porn Stars Know (That Most Men Don’t)ejaculatory reflexes. Specific conditioning techniquessuch as contraction exercises, behavioral training andmind control strategies can prime your body to achieveperfect stamina control, even with intense stimulationand hard thrusting. It will give you a LOT moreconfidence in bed and give your woman the kind of jaw-dropping sex that will blow her mind. But more on thatlater…The Illusion Of The Magic Number (And TheYouTube Analogy)While there are differing opinions onthe definitions of prematureejaculation, it all boils down to theman coming to an orgasm soonerthan he or his partner desires. For30 to 40 percent of men, thistypically means a male orgasmoccurs within 2 minutes duringvaginal penetration. That said, many men focus too muchon the specific duration they should last. They fret overthe fact that they cannot last like porn actors do. Thesimple truth is… sex that lasts too long can be painful anduncomfortable for the woman. The lubrication in thevagina typically dries up from prolonged thrusting.So whats the magic number? In most cases, intercoursejust needs to last as long as a You Tube clip to besatisfactory. That means 3-5 minutes on average, notincluding the amount of foreplay time. And studies have Copyright © 5
  5. 5. Unstoppable Stamina: 7 Secrets Porn Stars Know (That Most Men Don’t)consistently shown that lovemaking that lasts 7 to 13minutes is the most desirable.Beware Of The "Trappings" On OfferIn their quest for a "quick fix" to their PE problem, many Stuff likemen choose to seek out products that claim to help them desensitizing sprays, gels andlast longer. You are probably well aware of stuff such as creams do not address the REALdesensitizing sprays, gels or in general, anesthetics that causes of can apply on your penis head/glans to help you last They simply "mask" thelonger. These products work by reducing your level of symptoms, reduce penis sensitivitysensitivity to stimulation. The downside is that these and provide yousolutions are NOT permanent cures. Without relying on with timely relief... but onlythese products, you will be back to your usual short-lived temporarily.stamina. This means you have to whip out that bottle ofspray or that tube of gel every time you plan to have sex(pretty embarrassing, isn’t it?)Although most guys are not naturally endowed withsensational stamina, there are specific approaches youcan use to overcome premature ejaculation. If you wantto surprise your lover with sex that lasts much longer, Ithink you’ll find these powerful “porn star” strategies veryhelpful.#1 - Develop An "Ejaculatory Compass"In many cases, premature ejaculation is a "habit" that hasbeen unwittingly cultivated from young. You see, whenmost young men masturbate, they tend to use quickstrokes to ejaculate quickly so that they can achievesatisfaction without getting caught. If you are used to this Copyright © 6
  6. 6. Unstoppable Stamina: 7 Secrets Porn Stars Know (That Most Men Don’t)quick-fire approach to self-stimulation, you will becomeaccustomed to it even when you are having sex with apartner.The good news is, such negative habits can be reversed or"un-learned"... simply by allowing yourself MORE timeduring masturbation. Use this time to get in tune withyour sexual arousal; learn how your body responds tostimulation and then associate those sensations tospecific benchmarks along your arousal curve. This willhelp you pinpoint your ejaculatory threshold so that youcan take specific steps (e.g. adjust your movements,switch positions, etc.) during sex to last longer.#2 - "Muscular Conquest"All of us have a pubococcygeus or PCmuscle. Use that as a leverage toboost your sexual stamina. ThePC muscle belongs to a specificgroup of muscles located within yourpelvic floor. Most men are not awareof this, but you probably notice thatprior to an ejaculation, the areabetween your anus and testes actually contractinvoluntarily. That area is where your PC muscles arelocated, and are responsible for ejaculatory control. Toprevent involuntary contractions from taking place (oreven to delay them), these muscles need to be strong.The good news is, there are specific exercises you canpractice to strengthen these core muscles and keep them Copyright © 7
  7. 7. Unstoppable Stamina: 7 Secrets Porn Stars Know (That Most Men Don’t)in tip-top condition so that you can last as long as youwant. There are different variations and permutations ofthese exercises, and the most basic ones involve simplecontraction and relaxation techniques while moreadvanced routines involve more rhythmic and protractedcontractions.#3 - "Anchor Your Breathing"Sex can be a very exhilarating experience. As a result, in When ourthe throes of pleasure, many men end up holding their excitement builds up or when webreath or breathe rapidly. Doing either one of these feel anxious about our performance,things will likely compel your body to ejaculate quickly. we tend to take inYou should instead anchor the way you breathe. Allow quick, shallow breaths. Thisyourself to take in slow, deep, purposeful breaths. It may triggers early ejaculation as aseem counter-intuitive at first, but it will eventually defaultbecome second nature to you. Try adding some sound to mechanism to release sexualyour breathing too. Some women get very aroused by this. tension…Here’s one specific breathing technique you can practicefor enhanced stamina. When you are having intercourse,inhale slowly and count to 5. Hold your breath foranother count of 5 and then exhale slowly for another 5beats. Whenever you feel your arousal rising too quickly,repeat this breathing pattern. Such focused breathing willquickly calm your sexual nerves and help you last a lotlonger. Copyright © 8
  8. 8. Unstoppable Stamina: 7 Secrets Porn Stars Know (That Most Men Don’t)#4 - "Purposeful Disengagement"This is a tried-and-tested method for lastinglonger, and requires you to interrupt sex atappropriate stages to allow the intensesensations to subside. The key is to becomefamiliar with your body and your sexualresponses. Learn how to prevent yourself fromcoming too close to the "point of no return" -which is the stage where ejaculation becomesinevitable.To achieve this, you have to be aware of thesensations during sex and the feelings leadingup to a climax. Even as you withdraw your penis as astop-gap measure, you should continue to rev up yourpartners arousal - for instance, by giving her oral sexor using your fingers to tease her pleasure spots. Not onlydoes this technique help delay an orgasm, it will boostyour ejaculation volume too!#5 - "Perineum Convergence"This technique works really well when you are close to thepoint of ejaculation. Simply use your fingers to applytargeted pressure against your perineum - the soft spotbetween your scrotum and anus. Alternatively you canask your partner to apply the pressure. Just make sureyou give her the right signal at the right time; otherwiseshe may just miss the moment. Copyright © 9
  9. 9. Unstoppable Stamina: 7 Secrets Porn Stars Know (That Most Men Don’t)The basis behind this technique is this: When an orgasmis imminent, the prostate gland (also known as the maleG-spot) will expand and contract rhythmically, beforeexpelling semen through the urethra tube. Applying firmpressure against the perineum will suppress theimpending flow.#6 - "Achieving Quantum Shifts In Stamina WithYour Most Powerful Sex Organ"No... I dont mean the penis. Your most powerful sex Your mind is theorgan is NOT located in between your legs, but in most powerful sex organ. And thebetween your ears! Despite common perception, your part of your brain that is responsiblebrain - not your crown jewels - controls when you reach for inducing anan orgasm. orgasm is primed to trigger a climax sooner - the moreMany men allow negative, self-defeating thoughts to you think or worry about it...flood their mind when they make love. For instance, theyfear they will ejaculate too soon; they worry theirpartners will be disappointed with quick-fire sex, etc.Ironically such thoughts tend to have a self-fulfillingprophecy. They make premature ejaculation become aREAL problem."You Are What You Think"In many cases, early ejaculation occurs or even worsensas a result of habitual negative thoughts. For example,when we ejaculate early, many guys start blamingthemselves with thoughts such as: "Im no good, Im atotal failure in bed" or "Nothing ever goes my way". Ourfeelings follow what we think, and negative thoughts like Copyright © 10
  10. 10. Unstoppable Stamina: 7 Secrets Porn Stars Know (That Most Men Don’t)these can keep us from fixing premature ejaculation andlasting longer.The Converse Is Also True...Most men who are successful - especially those who are Learning to thinkfrom humble beginnings - have one thing in common: differently DURING sex canthey trust in the power of positive thinking. They dont be amazinglysweat the small stuff, and they believe in making effective. Creative concentrationincremental progress towards their goals. techniques like "focal shift" are very powerful, andThe secret to success of any kind - including overcoming many men find that masteringpremature ejaculation - is to banish negative thoughts these alone canfrom your mind altogether and adopt a successful add 100% or more to theirmindset. stamina…It may take some time and effort, but practice this:Whenever you start to doubt about your own sexualendurance, banish that doubt from your mind, andmeditate on your goal instead (e.g. lasting 10 minutes andgiving her sensational orgasms).Thinking positively does not mean you pretend that anearly ejaculation wont happen. Its how you deal with itthat counts. Dont fear initial setbacks in your quest tolast longer. Look upon them as learning experiences. Youwill only get better... and your sex life will transform, Ipromise! Copyright © 11
  11. 11. Unstoppable Stamina: 7 Secrets Porn Stars Know (That Most Men Don’t)#7 - "The Passion Incubator" (Or The Erotic ArtOf Priming Her For Jaw-Dropping Orgasms...)Here Ill share one simple maneuver that will give you alot more staying power... and tantalize her with themost jaw-dropping sex, yet!Lets face it. As hot-blooded men in bed, we like toexert our manliness by taking the lead during sexand be exuberant with thrusting. It makes us feelgood... in fact, too good to the point that ourarousal shoots up and pushes us towards an earlyfinish.Sure, many women like things hot and heavy andgo crazy with speedy thrusting. But NOT atbeginning of intercourse!Did you know that women are extremely arousedby slow, penetrative movements that are a little deeper?No, you dont need a large penis to achieve that. Your ability to warm her up with foreplay beforeThis maneuver is best performed in the missionary startingposition. Although this can be a tricky position for lasting intercourse will go a long way inlonger, tweaking this maneuver can make all the satisfying her... as well as giving youdifference to your sexual stamina. the confidence needed to last longer…Heres what you do...Embrace your hips with her, and instead of directthrusting, try gradually pushing deeper inside. Stroke theupper walls of her vaginal entrance using the head of your Copyright © 12
  12. 12. Unstoppable Stamina: 7 Secrets Porn Stars Know (That Most Men Don’t)penis. As you penetrate deeper, dont just push yourmember in, but allow your whole body to move towardsher. This helps to diffuse the stimulation to your penis,and at the same time, encourages greater intimacybetween the both of you.While you are at it, allow your breathing to synchronize If you can make awith your movements. Rock with her and share your woman climax BEFOREbreathing. Having sex using such harmonious penetrative sex, it becomes tenmovements can be an amazing experience. It also helps times easier foryou to focus in the moment, and not on your tendency to her to achieve a vaginal orgasmfinish early. during intercourse…This is how you incubate her passions, prime her foran orgasm of epic proportions, and start lasting a lotlonger than you normally do!While there are many proven methods and techniques todeal with premature ejaculation, most guys tend to focuson these specific techniques instead of the ONEimportant fundamental that is holding them back fromachieving the sensational stamina they yearn for.Lets take a look at this vital fundamental.Setting Realistic Goals"I want to lose 65 lbs in three months!" So do a lot ofpeople. Realistic? No. Safe? No. Copyright © 13
  13. 13. Unstoppable Stamina: 7 Secrets Porn Stars Know (That Most Men Don’t)"I want to run a triathlon - which I have never donebefore - seven weeks from today!" Wow! Realistic? No.Smart? No.Such goals will ultimately set you up for failure anddisappointment, and perhaps even serious healthconcerns.Setting realistic goals is the first important step towardsachieving any self-improvement endeavor, and thatincludes overcoming premature ejaculation. Start byKNOWING your current benchmark. How long can youlast right now? Based on this yardstick, set a number ofshort-term goals while you work towards the ultimategoal.Take for instance… you want to be able to last 15 minutes Without setting aduring sexual intercourse. If youre lasting just one target of how long you want to last, itminute now, your end goal may be way off; you may end is difficult - almost impossible - toup losing motivation and getting frustrated. Instead, try eradicate yoursetting weekly goals of adding 2 minutes to your stamina, premature ejaculationby working on specific, natural techniques that help because you haveimprove your ejaculatory control. no specific end goal in sight.Sounds easy and straightforward? It does...But if you stay committed and work on your ejaculatorycontrol every week for 8 weeks, you will have surpassedyour original goal by going at least 16 minutes! That newbenchmark will become PERMANENT. And your wife orpartner will be very thankful for it, I promise! Copyright © 14
  14. 14. Unstoppable Stamina: 7 Secrets Porn Stars Know (That Most Men Don’t)The Bottom Line Is This…The above approaches are JUST the tip of the iceberg... asthere are many powerful, tried-and-tested strategies thatwork wonderfully well for overcoming prematureejaculation for good... and bestowing upon you the abilityto last as long as you desire! But you have to learn tocrawl before you can walk... and the tips above are a greatstart towards improving your stamina and becoming abetter lover.Now Listen Closely Here...Most people think that men simplyarent hardwired to last very longand that lasting longer does notserve any "biological" need (becausefrom an evolutionary perspective, weare simply spreading our "seeds" toreproduce). This means that stamina is a LEARNEDtrait… and with a holistic strategy, your sexual endurancecan be practiced and honed to perfection. Sexual stamina is a LEARNEDSo if you are finishing too fast right now, rest assured… trait... with a holistic strategypremature ejaculation CAN be fixed. It can be improved. that re-trains andIn fact it will get better for the majority of men reading re-conditions your ejaculatorythis right now. And you CAN take active steps to reflexes, a manspermanently end the embarrassment and frustration of sexual endurance can be practicedPE... leading to GREATER pleasure, passion and desire and honed to perfection...for your wife, girlfriend or partner, while amping UP yourown erotic energy as well! Copyright © 15
  15. 15. Unstoppable Stamina: 7 Secrets Porn Stars Know (That Most Men Don’t) Don’t Be Embarrassed In Bed… Be Confident!This report is just a small preview of my full course “Ejaculation By Command” To download the full version, click here >>Inside, you’ll unlock all the BEST techniques to last longer in bed and get aMASSIVE edge to totally transform your sex life (and hers too!)This is just a small sample of what you will learn: An easy mindset shift that completely changes your perspective aboutpremature ejaculation... and the best thing is, your girl will see a new,confident you with this simple "tweak" How to use "self-gratification" to last longer during sex - theres a rightway and a wrong way... Ill show you the right way Copyright © 16
  16. 16. Unstoppable Stamina: 7 Secrets Porn Stars Know (That Most Men Don’t) A huge mistake guys make right before they have sex that actually killstheir sexual stamina. (Im amazed how many men do this... and if youdont know what it is, there is a good chance youre making this mistakenow) How to prevent yourself from ejaculating when you are "on the edge"...and do so without having to "stop the action" (this one tip can literallysave your relationship) An easy way to TRIPLE the intensity of her orgasms without requiringany extra "stamina" from you A proven penetration technique that will easily add minutes to yourlovemaking... and you can easily do 100 thrusts of this without blowingearly (Its taken me a long time, but Ive finally figured out a thrustingsequence that NO woman can resist.) Four different sex positions that will give you superior endurance andINSTANTLY get a woman aroused to the point where shes filled withpleasure How to overcome mental barriers to sexual endurance - develop iron-clad stamina and confidence by using these 9 specific techniques How to lower a womans threshold for orgasm so that she ALWAYS comesbefore you The single most powerful "sex tip" Ive EVER discovered (This one istruly POTENT... and will bestow upon you a sexual power andcreate a level of intimacy that you might be mentallyunprepared for... so save it for the women you really love) And much, much more!Don’t settle for lousy sex.Get your copy of Ejaculation By Command and start enjoying the kind ofsex you once only dreamed about!To download your copy, click here >> Copyright © 17
  17. 17. Unstoppable Stamina: 7 Secrets Porn Stars Know (That Most Men Don’t) Other Recommended ResourcesThis is the ultimate trilogy for men. If you want amazing sex, then all you need todo is become a virtuoso lover. Men who learn how to give women the sexualexperience they crave will have hot, pulsating sex available to them wheneverthey desire. VirtuosoLover.comUnlock these 3 innocent cues you can easily add to your daily life to make yourwoman beg you for wild sex. You’re about to discover Gabrielle Moore’s mostintimate secrets to re-ignite that passionate spark in your relationshipDouble-Her-Desire.comDiscover the fiercest, hottest secrets to giving women exquisitely orgasmic oralsex. Get access to full-color illustrations showing you super sexy moves to start abonfire between her legs… and in her heart (using only your tongue and fingers)! Copyright © 18
  18. 18. Unstoppable Stamina: 7 Secrets Porn Stars Know (That Most Men Don’t) Want to be a sensational lover in between the sheets? Here you’ll discover Gabrielle Moore’s most intimate and naughty secrets to please your woman with intense orgasms. Discover the secrets to giving your lover the best FOREPLAY she’s ever had, by reaching deep into her mind and pleasuring every inch of her body to an intense, uncontrollable orgasm… from the inside out. Going down on your woman might just give her the most earth-shattering orgasm imaginable… but only if you do if correctly. Very few men know what women REALLY want down there. Be one of the few. Hundreds of fun, creative, inventive and wild tips to spice things up. Written in Michael Webb’s typical, classy style – none of the material is raunchy, immoral or in bad taste. Includes over a dozen lovemaking positions to try out. The secret to phenomenal orgasms? Foreplay! Make your lovemaking fun and adventuresome using these 100 sex games. You never knew foreplay could be so much fun and so rewarding. Copyright © 19