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Internet of things - Frantic

Internet of things - Frantic

  1. At the intersection of physical objects and web services INTERNET OF THINGS
  2. The development of the internet we know today has risen from the great services that were able to streamline user needs or create new needs... Services like Facebook and Google BACKGROUND
  3. •  Mashups: web services and sources of data to create something new. •  Combining location data with vendor data in Google maps MOVEMENTS LEADING TO INTERNET OF THINGS
  4. •  Remote control for devices: Expensive and one way communication to connected devices. •  Heating up the sauna with a SMS MOVEMENTS LEADING TO INTERNET OF THINGS
  5. •  Early “web-connected” devices: •  Nabaztag WiFi Rabbit MOVEMENTS LEADING TO INTERNET OF THINGS
  6. •  Like a modern cuckoo clock, Nabaztag will speak out the time every hour •  Nabaztag will give you his or her weekly recap -- a breakdown of the time you spent together, and whether it was noteworthy
  7. Usually THIS is what we think when we are asked about internet of things:
  9. It’s much more than sticking a monitor on your kitchenware.
  10. “The Internet of Things is a term that describes where the Internet is connected to the physical world via multitude of sensors” - Kevin Ashton 1999 SO WHAT IS IT?
  11. •  Now almost everything can be connected to the internet •  Sensors and computers are so small that they can disappear •  Enabled two way communications IN 2013:
  12. Everything is super small
  13. Computers: Arduino Raspberry Pi
  14. •  Temperature, light, humidity, IR sensors •  Liquid flow meters •  Near field sensors and chips •  Micro cameras The list goes on and on… Sensors:
  15. SKÅL
  16. Combine them with web services and the possibilities are VAST
  17. •  Wearable tech •  Tweeting plants •  Context aware web services •  Web controlled mechanics •  Social data gathering & broadcast •  Health monitors •  Learning thermostats Some examples:
  18. Using existing web services to connect with the physical world
  19. IFTTT (If This Then That) is a social service tool, allowing you to make simple connections between your digital lives via API hook-ups.
  20. Users can create recipes for home automation devices.
  21. This all may seem like testing ideas and hacking, but eventually Internet of things will be “melted” into the surroundings and become invisible to the users.
  22. Ubiquitous computing (Ubicomp) An advanced computing concept where computing is made to appear everywhere and anywhere, using any device, in any location, and in any format.
  23. Modern user interfaces take us there Tangible user interface •  Touch, sense, manipulation Surface user interface •  Touch, tap Ambient user interfaces •  Gestures, speech, location, movement
  24. “We believe that technology is at it's best and empowering when it simply disappears. - Jony Ive

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