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Wordcamp 2010 I'm A Scientist Get me Out of Here - Mike Little


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My slides from my WordCamp 2010 talk -
"I'm a Scientist Get me Out of Here - Doing things with WordPress that no-one has ever done before"

See ’Notes on slide x’ tab or transcript below for speaker notes.

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Wordcamp 2010 I'm A Scientist Get me Out of Here - Mike Little

  2. Mike Little <ul><li>Long term software developer
  3. Open source enthusiast
  4. Co-founded WordPress
  5. Blog:
  6. Company:
  7. Contact: </li></ul>
  8. I'm a Scientist Get me Out of Here I’m a Scientist is like school science lessons meet the X Factor! School students choose which scientist gets a prize of £500 to communicate their work.
  9. The Team Gallomanor Dot design Communis Sponsors – Wellcome Trust
  10. What is I'm a Scientist? Scientists and students talk on this website. They both break down barriers, have fun and learn. But only the students get to vote. 20 zones! five scientists in each zone, talking to 20 classes of students. So that’s 100 scientists and 5,000 students .
  11. Root Site
  12. Zone home page
  13. Interaction The kids ask questions of the scientists The scientists answer the questions Everyone (registered) gets to comment Real time chat sessions The students vote for their favourite scientist Scientist profiles. Student profiles.
  14. Original Plan / Requirements Multiple zones – WPMU Custom profiles – Buddypress Questions & Answers – Custom post types Registration – specific restrictions Privacy / Child protection – Custom Roles Easy interaction Administration / Moderation
  15. What Worked WPMU – of course Buddypress – Too much Custom post types – To little Custom registration – Too hard Data / Child protection – Half a plugin
  16. Custom Profiles Extra fields on registration Password on registration Registration with role – Student/Teacher/Scientist, Sign up code – URN Duplicate or no email! Avatar for students/Profile pics for scientists
  17. BuddyPress Problems Too much functionality More effort turning things off Conflict with 'profile' plugins Abandoned!
  18. Custom Profiles <ul><li>Students, Scientists
  19. Cimy User Extra Fields
  20. Theme my profile
  21. Custom code
  22. Custom validation </li></ul>
  23. Registration
  24. Scientist Profile Brief details Expanded Interview
  25. Expanded Scientist Profile
  26. Scientist Page
  27. Student Profile <ul><li>Avatar
  28. Achievements
  29. Current Vote </li></ul>
  30. Questions & Answers <ul><li>Students ask questions
  31. Moderator approves questions
  32. Scientists answer questions
  33. Duplicate questions
  34. Question categories
  35. Notifications </li></ul>
  36. Custom Types <ul><li>Not enough support in 2.9
  37. UI non-existent
  38. No feed
  39. No good! </li></ul>
  40. Questions & Answers Posts in 'question' category Custom taxonomy / permalinks Answers are comments with meta data Comments are comments Asked by whom – Author + meta data Asked to whom – meta data
  41. Ask a Question
  42. Questions Page
  43. A Question <ul><li>Answers styled
  45. Avatars </li></ul>
  46. Custom URLs <ul><li>Questions
  47. Question categories
  48. To scientist
  49. Short URLs
  50. Extra URL </li></ul>
  51. Other features Library – hierarchy of pages FAQ – hierarchy of pages Wall (now dropped) – page with comments Global questions on root Global comments on root
  52. Voting Positive voting – who do you want to win? Per round – multiple rounds Change your mind at any time
  53. Vote Page
  54. Voted
  55. Chat Real time chat, Two 'rooms' side by side – Scientists / everyone else Moderated Previous solution – Java applet/ugly/cost, Pierre's Wordspew
  56. Chat
  57. Chat Backend
  58. Tweet! <ul><li>Turn off chat engine in back end
  59. Plus force refresh of browser page
  60. Equals very happy client </li></ul>
  61. Email When scientist is asked a Question, When question is answered, When question is marked as duplicate When news items are posted, e.g. eviction
  62. Email Pooling <ul><li>Pool emails to control flow
  63. Concatenate multiple ones
  64. WordPress' cron jobs
  65. Auto generated posts/emails - eviction </li></ul>
  66. Administration and Moderation Zone Configuration Questions Email URN generation Votes/ Eviction Chat control User import
  67. Question Moderation
  68. Question Moderation 2
  69. Dashboard
  70. Tweets <ul><li>Implementing major feature within hours of request == happy client again! </li></ul>
  71. Future More features Next year International I'm a councillor I'm a footballer? I'm a celebrity!
  72. Plugins Pierre's Wordspew – Heavily hacked for two room chat and lighter load (looks like some of my issues have been addressed recently). Theme my profile – great starting point for profile pages and profile editing – heavily added to. Post indexer (premium) – for global questions list. Comment indexer (premium) – for global comment list. Capability Manager – (used to create roles) CIMY User Extra Fields –
  73. Links The site: Gallomanor: The Wellcome Trust: Dot Design Communis: Scientist Mark Fogg's ( ) 4am Eureka moment inspired by student question:
  74. Questions