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Containers for the Enterprise: It's Not That Simple

Keynote by Alex Polvi, CEO of CoreOS, at OpenStack Silicon Valley 2015.

Containers are rapidly finding their way into enterprise data centers. But enterprises like to consume complete products. How do technologies like containers make their way from hyperscale ubiquity to enterprise nirvana? Alex offers some clues.

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Containers for the Enterprise: It's Not That Simple

  1. 1. Alex Polvi CEO / Co-Founder @polvi
  2. 2. )
  3. 3. #GIFEE Google’s infrastructure for everyone else “Cloud Native”
  4. 4. ENTERPRISE OPEN SOURCE 90+ Projects on Github with 800 Contributors
  5. 5. Commercial support on complete stack Unified Dashboard for managing Kubernetes and applications Google’s Kubernetes + CoreOS enabling technology Google like infrastructure in the environment of your choice #gifee
  6. 6. Container Myths Confusing enterprise adoption
  7. 7. Containers replace VMs Myth #1
  8. 8. What is a VM? Take a big server and carve it up into a bunch of little servers Useful for multi-tenant deployments Public cloud service providers or companies with lots of OS diversity
  9. 9. What about containers/cloud native? Take a bunch of servers and make them appear as one big computer VM is a unit of compute resource AWS prints servers, Dell prints servers Containers treat VM or bare metal the same
  10. 10. Legacy apps do not work Myth #2
  11. 11. You can only run stateless apps Myth #3
  12. 12. Managing state happens Everything in your DC is eventually stateless Still need to manage backups, replication, failover with or without containers
  13. 13. How do we manage state today? Local disks + #yolo + backups (hopefully?) SAN or NAS devices, RAID controllers EBS/CEPH S3 All of these still apply to containers/cloud native
  14. 14. Containers are not secure Myth #4
  15. 15. A step forward Pre-containers: Ops guy bin packing. Operator chooses which servers run which apps. App on server gets hacked, everything owned. Containers add an extra layer of security. Only thing better: one app per server/vm.
  16. 16. Myths Containers replace virtual machines Legacy apps do not work You can only run stateless apps Containers are not secure
  17. 17. In closing CoreOS is using cloud native to fundamentally improve the security of the internet Developers should check out our open source:, Businesses should check out Tectonic:
  18. 18. Alex Polvi CEO / Co-Founder @polvi