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OpenStack: Changing the Face of Service Delivery

Keynote by Lew Tucker, VP and CTO of Cloud Computing at Cisco, at OpenStack Silicon Valley 2015.

As more companies move to software-driven infrastructures, OpenStack opens up new possibilities for traditional network service providers, media production, and content providers. Micro-services, and carrier-grade service delivery become the new watchwords for those companies looking to disrupt traditional players with virtualized services running on OpenStack.

OpenStack: Changing the Face of Service Delivery

  1. 1. AUGUST 2015 OpenStack Changing the Face of Service Delivery - Enterprise, Networking Services, Video and Media Lew Tucker, VP/CTO Cloud Computing, Cisco Systems, Inc @lewtucker
  2. 2. Entire Industries are being disrupted by waves of innovation Internet and Cloud Computing
  3. 3. Cloud computing brought in multi-tenancy and larger scale - changing the fundamental economics Public Cloud Computing
  4. 4. It’s a new world. More virtual machines than physical hosts. Physical Domain Virtual Domain Instant, self-provisioning, dynamic allocation of resources
  5. 5. • Agility • Faster Time to Market • Lower Cost • Automation through software • Open Systems de-risk investment • Mitigate vendor-lockin • Services that span both public and private deployments Age of Software Defined Data Centers….
  6. 6. Configuration and Cabling Becomes Code Templates and declarative models replace manual procedures submodule execd-routes { import inet-types { prefix inet; } include execd-types; description “providesfor configuring static routes (IPv4 and IPv6). grouping routes { container inet { list route { key "name prefix-length"; leaf name { type inet:ipv4-address; } leaf prefix-length { type prefixLengthIPv4; } leaf enabled { type boolean; default true; }
  7. 7. Software-driven Infrastructure based on Policy rather than manual configuration Congress: Policy as a ServiceGroup-based Policy API’s OpFlex: Policy Protocol
  8. 8. Wide Range of Services as Clouds Become Connected Enterprise Private Cloud Cisco Cloud Services Cisco Powered Partner Clouds Public Clouds Microsoft Suite aaS PaaS HCS IaaS Enterprise Workloads Native Cloud Applications Big Data and Analytics Collaboration and Video WebEx Meraki Security Analytics HANA aaS vDesktop aaS IOE aaSDRaaS
  9. 9. • Openstack public cloud providers • AWS-like cloud behind the firewall • eCommerce and Media Companies • New use cases every day Serving a number of different sectors
  10. 10. Software also disrupted traditional networking - Software Defined Networking (SDN) NFV VNFOpenFlow
  11. 11. OpenStack Neutron Networking Gains Ground Cisco, Arista, Big Switch, Brocade, A10, Embrane, Freescale, HP, IBM, Juniper, Mellanox, MetaPlugin, Midokura, NEC, Citrix, Nuage, ODL, PLUMgrid, Pluribus, Ryu, Radware, vArmour, VMware 40+
  12. 12. Software based network controllers move to Open Source OpenStack SVCS OpenStack Neutron Driver
  13. 13. Hardware based networking service appliances being replaced by Network Functions Virtualization (NFV) › Resource Allocation & Optimization › Resource Isolation PLUGIN ESXi OS NETWORK FRAMEWORK OS COMPUTE FRAMEWORK OS STORAGE FRAMEWORK NEUTRON API NOVA API SWIFT API PLUGIN GLANCE API CINDER API PLUGIN OS KEYSTONE FRAMEWORK KEYSTONE API Ceilometer PLUGINLinux COMPUTE STORAGENETWORK IDAM Supportfunctions PLUGINPLUGIN Cloud Manager Application Domain OSS NFV Applications Enterprise Applications › Real Time Response – Interrupt servicing – OVS latency › Networking – WAN orchestration – VNF provisioning › Carrier Grade Security – Multi-tenancy with end-to-end isolation › Software Management and Upgrade Support – Hitless & automated upgrades › Backup and Restore – Automatic backup › Audit and Trouble Shooting – Audit log, monitor › Assurance: › High Availability – Mitigation of failures – Fault monitoring and heath check FirewallDPICDN WAN Acceleration DNS Carrier Grade NAT Session Border Controller PE Router EPC
  14. 14. ETSI Standards Body Publishes Spec OPNFV reference model formed using OpenStack and ODL
  15. 15. Media Creation and Distribution is Next in Line
  16. 16. Moving Home DVR’s into the Cloud cDVR Live Control Plane Public Internet Video Delivery Data Plane Home (client device) • Cloud DVR: • Record • Playback • Delete Encode Captur e Store Transform Deliver • Live video streaming • IP ABR • DRM Sub. Mgmt Scheduler Linear Channel Mgr
  17. 17. Larger Trends in Media and Entertainment Competitive Pressures Next Generation Video Encoding Internet of Things Industry Consolidation Multiscreen Video Experiences Cloud Computing Mobile Video (WiFi, LTE, Multicast) Migration to All-IP L2/L3 Fabric
  18. 18. Opportunity for Virtualized Cloud-based Services to Replace Specialized Hardware Each of the functions in the media pipeline is implemented as a (distributed) software centric application Collection of Application Containers interconnected using a workflow becomes a service container The Workflow guides the flow of content through the Application Containers and the associated processing of data Ideal application for micro-services Encode Capture Store Transform Deliver Encode App Container Capture App Container Storage App Container Transform Container Delivery Container Service Container Media Workflow Programmable infrastructure
  19. 19. Current Live Studio Production with SDI* Technology Video Switcher Cameras and Microphones Graphic Systems Remote Source Playout Video Switcher Audio Mixer Monitoring Systems Multiviewer Video Router Video Server Relay and Clips Control Systems with Control Panel * Serial digital interface over coax
  20. 20. Live Studio Production with IP Technology Video Switcher Cameras and Microphones Graphic Systems Remote Source Playout Video Switcher Audio Mixer Monitoring Systems Multiviewer Control Systems with Control Panel Video Server Relay and Clips IP Network REST Network Interface Network Controller Standard and Open API Wire Speed Multiple Paths Delay Spread < 1 Line of Video
  21. 21. Layer 3 Deterministic Network Layer 3 - 10G File WFFile WF Video WFs GUI REST NETCONF Video Display PTP – Time Synchronization Driving Need for Deterministic IP Networks • Layer 3 standards based • Admission control and Policing • Bandwidth Reservation • Granular priorities • Traffic shaping • Deterministic Latency Cisco Open Daylight Controller with bandwidth manager Network Controller
  22. 22. New models for development of services and micro-services architecture
  23. 23. Magnum and Kolla Projects in OpenStack Magnum: Containers as a Service on an OpenStack Platform • Makes Docker Swarm and Kubernetes available as first class resources in OpenStack Kubernetes Endpoint Docker Endpoint Nova Endpoint Magnum • Kubernetes Minion Keystone POD NovaPOD Kubernetes Minion GlancePOD Neutron POD S V C S V C SVC IP subnets per POD IP subnets per POD S V C Neutron POD Kolla: Installation of OpenStack services as a set of containers • Solves a manageability and availability problem • Simplifies upgrades with containers
  24. 24. Containers on VM’s or Bare Metal with OpenStack VM VM VM Kubernetes Tenant C – VM Cluster VM VM VM Kubernetes Tenant B – VM Cluster VM VM VM Kubernetes Tenant A – VM Cluster S1 S2 S3 Kubernetes Tenant C – Server Cluster S1 S2 S3 Kubernetes Tenant C – Server Cluster
  25. 25. • Need to re-think application and service design based on composition of a set of simple, micro- services. • Services need end-to-end orchestration across data centers for best user experience. • Resiliency - built in to the application/service itself. • Continuous deployment is simply a fact of life • Continuous learning is the only way forward Cloud Computing and Open Source are changing how services are developed and delivered
  26. 26. @lewtucker Thanks