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Social Media Merketing - Asaf Peled


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Social Media Merketing - Asaf Peled

  1. 1. Social Media Marketing MIT Forum-Confidential-
  2. 2. FTBpro’s Sports Media Platform Interactive Apps Rich Media UGC Social Communities
  3. 3. What We’ve Done in Marketing Not hired a VP Marketing Not released a single PR Not appeared on Tech Crunch Not prepared a marketing plan Gained over 90% of our ‘seed stage’ users through SNs Traffic Sources (first 6 months) search, 4% other, 2% twitter, 9% facebook, 85%
  4. 4. Online Marketing Methods Performance Marketing: - Pay for concrete actions such as CPC, CPM, CPA, CPL - Mainly through paid search and banner ads Search Engine Marketing: - Unpaid organic traffic driven by keyword search - Requires extensive technology and content optimization Social Media Marketing: - Less action oriented, geared to community building - Captures on and off site engagement mechanisms
  5. 5. Social Media Marketing: FB Campaigns Target users by country, age, gender, relationship status, education and interests
  6. 6. Campaign Users to FB Likes or Site Sign-Ups? VS.
  7. 7. Community Building: FB before Site  Takes months to release a Site, moments a FB page  In the meantime, get to know your community  And, start testing features with active users (agile)  FB page community grows itself via viral engagement  One paid FB like provides dozens of Site sign-up opportunitiesCPC campaigns Gain likes on Engage likes Convert FB likes on FB FB pages until Site is on to Site users
  8. 8. How We Gained Millions of Users from FB  Break down audience to homogeneous sub-communities  Identify areas where advertisers still tied to google  Campaign when ad agencies finish work and go home  Reach out when your target audience is in a good mood  Use short creative, compelling photos, call for action  Customize FB feed engagement for each sub-community  Start converting to Site only when users are familiar with you Identify sub- Optimize like Customize feed Convert to communities campaigns engagement Site sign-ups
  9. 9. (No) Mobile Marketing  Over 35% of our traffic (millions of monthly UV) via mobile  All mobile web, we’ve yet to launch native apps  Zero marketing budget allocated to mobile  The ‘Secret’: ride the world’s #1 mobile app… FTBpro UGC Mobile Users FTBpro Web Facebook Native App FTBpro Mobile
  10. 10. Challenges with FB Advertising  The company is under post-IPO pressure to grow ad revenues  More advertisers shifting to social media platforms  More users consume FB via mobile, where ads underperform  FB feed becoming spamy, lower posting efficiency  FB like to Site user sign-up conversion requires perfection  Yet sill cheaper, faster, more effective to start building and engaging your user community on FB
  11. 11. Other Social Networks Started beta with selected advertisers Follower 2-3 times more expensive than FB like Oriented to external content consumption Less relevant to mass audiences Decent source for power users across many categories Mostly untapped by competing advertisers Unsuccessful network, sluggish user acquisition Interesting equivalents to facebook pages Potentially synergetic to google SEO
  12. 12. Thank You 12