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  1. 1. On Line Commerce, the DigitalWallet and Beyond …Jan, 2013
  2. 2. Payments 101 100$ 95$
  3. 3. Payments 101 - KYC BANK
  4. 4. The Shopping Stages Intent Discovery Shopping Buying Payment Post-Sale Core Cloud-Enhanced Payment Capabilities Functions (SAFE, SECURE, RELIABLE) Demand Loyalty Card Mobile Generation
  5. 5. Traditional Boundaries are Blurring Online Offline world world Mobile
  6. 6. The Infrastructure is so Fragmented
  7. 7. Almost Impossible To Make Any Change In TheExisting Payment Infrastructure Handset manufacturer Retailer Handset OS Issuers merchants Acquirers MC VI Other Financial NFC reader institution Payment PSP GW MNO POS OS
  8. 8. The Cloud will Connect Merchants Everywhere
  9. 9. Reaching New Segments
  10. 10. Mobile POS (mPOS)
  11. 11. The Future Acquiring opportunityFixed POS Low Cost mPOS
  12. 12. Merchants of all Sizes Struggling to Keep UpMulti- Demandchannel Large merchants Generation Small and medium sizeGlobal businesses Pace ofcompetition innovation Sole proprietors
  13. 13. The New Consumer is Always Connected
  14. 14. The Cloud is Already Used to Store Some ofOur Most Sensitive Information
  15. 15. The Financial Cloud
  16. 16. The Battle for Trust and Identity Social Identity Commerce Identity Mobile Identity
  17. 17. What Will Replace my Leather Wallet ?
  18. 18. The Digital Wallet
  19. 19. How Will the POS Recognize the Digital Wallet? • payment will not survive as a stand- alone app. It has to be part of a larger experience • Its not just about payments, its the whole experience.
  20. 20. The Digital Wallet
  21. 21. User Experience is One of the (Only) keySuccess Factors
  22. 22. Thank YouQuestions?