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SharePoint 2010 Easy Setup

Build a SharePoint development environment in a snap! Download the SharePoint Easy Setup exe which does all the hard work for you!
Download the script from here:

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SharePoint 2010 Easy Setup

  1. 1.
  2. 2. Get Started! Download from:
  3. 3. Check host capabilities (Windows SKU and bitness) Prompt user for host vs. VHD installation Host & VHD VHD only Error Neither Installation source specified in config.xml file? Download installs locally (wait to complete) URL Local WIM2VHD creation of base VHD including sysprep config to set hostname, configure autorun script, etc. VHD VHDMount and copy product installation sources and scripts Setup boot entries on host for VHD and prompt to reboot Host Run installation script (Optional) User edits config.xml, pre- and post- scripts. Install ECF package on host Warn about needing a clean machine Host
  4. 4. Install all pre-reqs and products using silent install with a PowerShell progress indicator, rebooting, and prompting for manual steps/fixes as needed. Run Post-script (default includes provisioning, search crawls and commented examples of installing solutions) Prompt the user to run all Windows Updates and configure any device/drivers that are needed. Run Pre-script (default empty) Environment (Host or VHD)