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ESCO ATLANTIC - Epoxy Cool Roof System


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ESCOAtlantic’s solution for replacing old roofs, reducing roof heat sinks, and interior hot temperatures is the installation of Epoxy Cool Roof Systems (ECRS). This reflective 20 year warranted Epoxy Cool Roof System (ECRS) product encapsulates and preserve your roof permanently, saving you money, and keeping your roof cool during the hot summer.

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ESCO ATLANTIC - Epoxy Cool Roof System

  1. 1. (443) 553-5888 Epoxy Cool Roof Systems
  2. 2. This is the beginning of the job laying out the roof so that it can be scrubbed with harsh detergents and scrub brushes….the only way to eliminate all of the oils and dirt which get in between the encapsulation process and the roof.s
  3. 3. Safety First
  4. 4. Bad areas can be replaced before ECRS installation
  5. 5. Repairing leaks
  6. 6. Preparation is the most important part of the job. All of the dirt and wales need to be removed so that the primer coat can fuse with the roof. The only way this can be done is by two hand washings with harsh detergents and re-scrub agains
  7. 7. The roof is thoroughly washed and rinseds
  8. 8. This is the roof before it is primer coated. This particular roof was about 26 thousand square feet and we started with the interior perimeter first and then build out from there
  9. 9. After prep....all coatings that may have been applied previously, are sanded
  10. 10. Beginning the process
  11. 11. Primer with polymesh fabric mat rolled in and then back rolled with 2nd coat of primer
  12. 12. Fiber and fabric on seams with 2 primer coats
  13. 13. Primer and fabric application
  14. 14. This is a picture of the primer coat with fiberglass strand embedded in it… there are 2 coats of this gray with fiberglass trends in it as well as a coat of reflective white epoxy as the finish
  15. 15. Epoxy with fiberglass strand as a primer coat
  16. 16. Close to finishing a large section
  17. 17. Closing out a large section
  18. 18. Closing out a large section
  19. 19. Further finishing up a section
  20. 20. Close up
  21. 21. Finished
  22. 22. Finished
  23. 23. (443) 553-5888 Epoxy Cool Roof Systems