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New presentation2

  1. 1. Banners Broker International and its affiliate companies do not guaranteethe income of any person(s) or entity(ies) participating in its program.Incomes earned will be in direct proportion to the amount of time andeffort put forth by participants. The “typical" income of a “typical“ affiliate isapproximately $39.58 per month/$475.00 per year. Testimonies givenregarding income are the personal testimonies of the persons giving.Such testimonials are not sanctioned by Banners Broker International andtheir accuracy is not guaranteed by Banners Broker International.
  2. 2. A revolutionary way to earn revenue online
  3. 3. “ You will never get rich working forJohn Paul Getty someone else.One of the richest men on the planet. ”
  4. 4. No Longer Safety & Security  Research in Motion lays off 5000 employees.  Link Resources Corp reports that more than 29 million people run part time and full time businesses from their homes.Over the past decade Fortune 500 Companies have laid off 4.4 million workers!!!
  5. 5. S.O.H.O (Small Office/Home Office) - The FutureA new home based 8,943 New businesses In 14 years Home Basedbusiness opens every from home opens businesses have grown from10 seconds in the USA every single day! 6 million to 32 million! The S.O.H.O industry now the worlds largest employer
  6. 6. IN THIS DAY AND AGE…• Companies need to be innovative, original, creative, and daring.• Companies need to pioneer into new trillion dollar territories.
  8. 8. Just look at the figures. Facebook users 1.01 billion. Twitter accounts 500 million. Tweets per day 500 million.
  9. 9. Just look at the figures.Social Networking accounts - 2.4 Billion Websites - 630 Million Web Pages - 13 Billion
  10. 10. And the numbers keep growing• There are 2.1 Billion Internet users• Asia – 922 Million• Europe – 476 Million• China – 485 Million 45% of all users are UNDER 25 years of age and all viewing website pages and looking at companies advertisements
  11. 11. Online Advertising is a… 500 Billion Dollar Industry And will become a INDUSTRY WITHIN THE NEXT 5 YEARS
  12. 12. Look who has built it 97% of revenue 83% of revenue from advertising. from advertising. $37.3 billion $4.2 billion 89% of revenue 25% of revenue from advertising. from advertising. $288 million $153 million
  13. 13. Forging a new Revolutionary Partnership• We developed a new and exciting opening never identified before• We created the plan• We presented the plan, again and again• One Broker said yesBanners Broker Was Born
  14. 14. WHAT IS BANNERS BROKER? Banners Broker is an Online Ad-Space Broker Creating a new way to earn revenue online. Our Products are: Ad Impressions and Ad Inventory
  15. 15. What do we do?• We rent advertising space• We generate increased traffic• We generate advertising revenues• The broker shares revenue with us which we share with you
  16. 16. Advertising is not new Drawings were used to tell stories
  17. 17. From rock to print to digital
  18. 18. The internet has changed how we advertise Social Media has made the general public more accessible to advertisers thereby driving viral marketing through “Internet Surfers” commonly referred to as TRAFFIC
  20. 20. 100 million Traffic visits per hour $$ $$
  21. 21. With Banners BrokerEarn a piece of the online advertising pie. Through the multi-billion dollar online ad industry, and our unique relationship with the worlds top brokers you profit through a globally respected network.
  22. 22. How we change your finances
  23. 23. Blind Networks Advertisers Banners $ $ 500 Million Websites Broker B B BAdvertisers 300,000 1,000,000 Affiliates B $ Blind Networks B Affiliates B $500 Billion B B B B Publishers $ Websites (Publishers)
  24. 24. As an AffiliateAs a Banners Broker Affiliate you are ableto financially benefit as both an Advertiserand Publisher even though you might nothave a personal website to promote.Therefore as an Affiliate you become anadvertiser and website owner enabling youto earn from both sides of the advertisingindustry.
  25. 25. 1. AdvertisersRefer advertisers to useBanners Broker as theirbroker of choice and receive10% of their advertisingbudget every single monththat they advertise.
  26. 26. 2. Website OwnersRefer website owners toBanners Broker and receive10% of all income that theyearn through ‘lending’ theirinternet presence on whichadvertisements can be placed
  27. 27. As an AffiliateAs an Affiliate you can invite friends andrelatives to become Affiliates of BannersBroker and receive benefits from thebusiness that they generateIf you do not have a personal product topromote or a website you can promoteBanners Broker and derive additionalincome
  28. 28. A Complete Marketing & Support System Advertisers Publishers Helping you build a viable and long term business 24 hour Live support available Sunday through Friday
  29. 29. Tools and Training Executive Team Workshops TotalThe most experienced team in the Always Standing Room Only industry today. Conventions Webinars Annual Extravaganzas Training and Q & A’s
  30. 30. Anticipated Generated Revenue• Banners Broker owns Ad-Inventory• Banners Broker purchases inventory at discount• Inventory is rented to Affiliates for a period of time• Affiliates generate traffic to fill that inventory• Your income is dependant upon how much inventory you purchase and number of campaigns that you are running
  31. 31. Ad - Inventory There are multiple inventory packages available for purchase.• For Example Professional Inventory – Purchase $415 – anticipated revenue up to $800.Time frame of completion is dependant on the success of your campaigns.
  32. 32. Try it TODAY• Pick a Package• Get FREE Impressions• FREE Webinars• Free Training• FREE Training workshops BECOME AN AFFILIATE
  33. 33. Become a FREE affiliate TODAY
  34. 34. Joining is FREE, Simple and Easy Full screen of banners broker show inviter on sign up page
  35. 35. Click on Advertiser
  36. 36. AdvertiserCreate a FREE Campaign
  37. 37. AdvertiserCreate a FREE Campaign
  38. 38. Blind NetworkContextual Targeting• Health & Wellness• Entertainment• Business & Commerce• Social Network• Computer & Network• Web Promotion & Design
  39. 39. Blind NetworkGeo TargetingYou can set yourcampaign target to aspecific country or even acity.
  40. 40. Blind NetworkUpload a BannerYou can upload up to 10different sizes on eachcampaign
  41. 41. Tracking your progress Tools to track the success of your campaignsBanners Broker International and its affiliate companies do not guarantee the income of any person(s) or entity(ies) participating in its program. Incomes earned will be in direct proportion to the amount of time and effort put forth by participants. The “typical" income of a “typical“ affiliate is approximately $39.58 per month/$475.00 per year. Testimonies given regarding income are the personal testimonies of the persons giving. Such testimonials are not sanctioned by Banners Broker International and their accuracy is not guaranteed by Banners Broker International
  42. 42. Become a Banners Broker RIGHT NOW andbecome a part of this revolutionary way to earn revenue online