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5 Features We Love in Alfresco 5.1

The release of updated enterprise software can have many IT professionals wondering if the new features are worth the hassle of an upgrade. While there are a lot of new things under the hood in this release—including additional APIs and support of native-cloud technologies—we’ve picked some that we think will help you most. Join us for a webinar that will walk you through The Top 5 Features of Alfresco 5.1 with something for everyone, including business users, analysts, developers, and architects.

In this webinar, Kristen Harris, Director of ECM Solutions at Zia Consulting, and Bindu Wavell, Chief Architect, will cover the benefits for:

Alfresco Share Users
- Default Landing Page
- Become Owner UI

Alfresco Business Analysts
- Content Modeling UI

Alfresco Developers
- Smart Folders

Alfresco Architects
- Solr Sharding

See how this update can provide you with smarter content organization, simpler collaboration, and greater openness/scalability.

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5 Features We Love in Alfresco 5.1

  1. 1. What We Love About Alfresco 5.1 ©2016 Zia Consulting, Inc. All Rights Reserved.
  2. 2. Today’s Presenters Zia Consulting, Inc. Zia Consulting, Inc. Kristen Harris Director, Strategic Solutions Bindu Wavell Chief Architect
  3. 3. Introducing Alfresco 5.1!  Enterprise Release: February 2016  Substantial Enhancements on 5.0  Simple for Business  Smart for IT  Alfresco Records Management 2.4  Co-Released with Activiti BPM 1.4  Unified Platform for Business Solutions
  4. 4. Top 5 New Features of Alfresco 5.1  Business users care about…  Business analysts and system administrators are intrigued by…  Enterprise architects are excited for…
  5. 5. New Feature #1 for Business Users Default Landing Page Benefits  Consistent place to begin in Alfresco Share  Easy to change or reset  Simplify experience for casual or power users
  6. 6. New Feature #2 for Business Users Become Owner Action Benefits  Reset document ownership of a document without Administrator’s help  No scripting required
  7. 7. Quick demo of features… Sneak Peak for Business Users
  8. 8. New Feature #3 for Analysts/Devs Smart Folders Benefits  Optimize file organization for different types of users  Supports assigning metadata automatically  Available with CMIS and WebDAV
  9. 9. Smart folder demo… Features for Business Analysts and System Administrators
  10. 10. New Feature #3 for Analysts/Devs Smart Folders Basics  Enable smart folders in Alfresco global properties  Create or leverage your content model for specifying queries  Create a smart folder template with JSON  Associate a smart folder template with a physical repository folder
  11. 11. New Feature #4 for Analysts/Devs Content Modeling UI  User interface for the creation and review of Alfresco content model Benefits  Reduces manual XML editing for creating custom types and aspects  Update the content model without restart
  12. 12. Content Modeling UI demo… Features for Business Analysts and System Administrators
  13. 13. New Feature #5 for Architects Solr Replication/Sharding  Splitting a single Solr index into multiple parts  Each part can be replicated multiple times and split across multiple machines Benefits  Split or scale your index volume  Provides high availability  May increase performance/throughput with distributed operations
  14. 14. Solr Replication Clustering with Solr in Alfresco 4.x & 5.0 Option with Solr replication in Alfresco 5.1
  15. 15. Solr Sharding Replicating shards across instances
  16. 16. Solr Sharding Viewing it another way… Instance 1 Instance 2 Instance 3 Instance 4
  17. 17. Solr Sharding Continuing with additional redundancy
  18. 18. Who is Zia? EST. 2003 Boulder, CO Critic al Not Casual Controlling Chaos + Delivering Rapid ROI Process & Integratio n Open Platforms Content People
  19. 19. Zia Vitality Review  Current State  Roadmap  Fixes  Enhancements  Upgrade Recommendation
  20. 20. If You Are Running…  Alfresco 5.0 vs. 5.1 – Smart Folders, Simplified Permissions, Solr Sharding (Search & Scale), Independent Share, API Enhancements  Alfresco 4.2 vs. 5.1 – Above + HTML5 Preview, Office Integration, Activiti/Share Connector, Aurora Database support, Alfresco Analytics  Alfresco 3.4 vs. 5.1 – Virtually Everything
  21. 21. Next Steps  Talk to us/talk to our customers  Alfresco 5.1 + Your Business  Whiteboarding/Demo  Zia Vitality Review  Alfresco 5.1 enterprise trial  Zia Managed Cloud Services  - Case Studies, Webinar Recordings, Datasheets
  22. 22. Questions?