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Need Income Quickly? Get Off Social Media And Focus On Your List


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If you need income quickly focus on your list

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Need Income Quickly? Get Off Social Media And Focus On Your List

  1. 1. Need Income Quickly? Get Off Social Media And Focus On Your List
  2. 2. Resources…. Freebies & Guides 12 Top Social Media Tips Information packed webinars
  3. 3. That moment when the light bulb goes on
  4. 4. The “aha” moment
  5. 5. When a client suddenly “gets” it
  6. 6. When their eyes light up and they can see how a small change to their marketing is going to make a massive difference to their income
  7. 7. This is why I LOVE what I do
  8. 8. And I realize that I don’t have to be super clever or the world’s biggest expert in the latest “thing” to help people
  9. 9. Sometimes just talking through your challenges and goals with an experienced professional, who has no emotional attachment to your business, can totally change your results, and the way you feel about your business
  10. 10. Working with a new client recently I had a flash of the blindingly obvious (for both of us)
  11. 11. Without wanting to sound too critical this is a situation – not uncommon – where paying customers are being ignored while precious, limited marketing time is being spent on Facebook
  12. 12. Do you laugh or cry?
  13. 13. Laugh because the solution is so obvious and easy to fix (easy to say when you’re outside the wood and can see the trees!)
  14. 14. or cry because the poor business owner is run ragged, working all the hours God sends keeping the business going, and desperate for cash
  15. 15. While the party’s happening over on Facebook they’re ignoring an obvious source of shortterm income, their “gold mine” or “list” (You can only call it a “mailing list” if you’re mailing to it!! )
  16. 16. There are two lessons here you can apply to any business…
  17. 17. 1. If you’ve ever had any paying customers stay in touch with them
  18. 18. They are more likely to buy from you again, refer business to you and recommend you (assuming you’ve looked after them well)
  19. 19. It’s also much cheaper to sell to an existing customer than go out looking for new business (not to mention easier because they already know, like and trust you)
  20. 20. Top Tip: The best way to stay in regular contact with customers is through regular emails (email marketing), a blog or newsletter
  21. 21. It needed be onerous if you use an email provider like Mail Chimp or Aweber who provide templates, scheduling options and easy set-up wizards
  22. 22. Top Tip #2: Contact your list with a special offer, seasonal special or discount coupon
  23. 23. That’s a surefire way to bring in quick cash during quiet periods
  24. 24. If you need help building your list, setting up a newsletter, or generating sales with email marketing, consider signing up for the Email Marketing, List Building and Mailchimp Masterclass in Hemel Hempstead next week at
  25. 25. If you’re not local you can access the Email Marketing/MailChimp masterclass videos here:
  26. 26. 2. If you’re active and engaged with customers on Facebook that’s great
  27. 27. But if time’s limited and you need sales use Facebook to get people onto your list (your #1 biggest asset) so you can email them
  28. 28. You’ll get a much better response to a direct email than trying to promote on social media
  29. 29. Top Tip: You can do this really effectively with a “custom app” (which I’ll cover in a separate blog post)
  30. 30. Visitors sign up for your list through custom apps on your Facebook page (you can see my sign-up apps here for my G+ Freebie - and the Modern Marketing Guide
  31. 31. Facebook users prefer to stay within Facebook so this is more effective than trying to drive traffic to your site and away from Facebook
  32. 32. Are you building your list so you can mine your goldmine?
  33. 33. Jump over to the MMS park Page and share your list building tips
  34. 34. Resources…. Freebies & Guides 12 Top Social Media Tips Information packed webinars