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App Marketing Agency Comboapp


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The mobile growth partner.

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App Marketing Agency Comboapp

  1. 1. Your Mobile Growth Partner
  2. 2. 2 Mobile Marketing Agency completed projects happy clients worldwide partners years of mobile app market expertise 740 247 2406
  3. 3. 3 Mobile Marketing Agency Clients
  4. 4. 4 Mobile Marketing Agency Mobile and App Marketing Companies 2015 TOP Industry Recognition App Marketing Agency 2016 TOP App Marketing Agency 2015 TOP
  5. 5. 5 Mobile Marketing Agency Marketing Strategy Development App Monetization Consulting User Acquisition UI/UX Design Services PR and Social Media App Store Optimization Our Expertise
  6. 6. About UsWhat we do
  7. 7. 7 Mobile Marketing Agency Marketing Strategy In order to make an app successful, you need to see the big picture. Our professionals will provide you with an all-encompassing marketing strategy based on the mobile app ecosystem, with focus at competitive landscape and audience profile. We take a data driven approach towards creating successful app launches by developing winning marketing strategies and promoting your app to the right audiences. We take pride in: ● Providing market, industry and category research ● Performing competitive analysis ● Segmenting and profiling audiences ● Defining the best times, places and contexts for app launch ● Designing user acquisition strategies
  8. 8. 8 Mobile Marketing Agency Media sources attribution needs to be done before an app release in order to solve the mobile measurement problem while using several paid media sources along with organic installs. With a properly setup attribution solution, app marketers can track virtually any program or traffic source and analyze user behavior. It’s vital to have the strategic picture of media channels planned to be used during the course of the campaign before selecting analytics providers and setting up deep-links and custom events for behavioral tracking. With increasing usage of TV campaigns and other non-mobile media marketeers needs to make sure they will be able to identify the performance of each source and take data driven decisions accordingly. Analytics
  9. 9. 9 Mobile Marketing Agency User Acquisition Acquiring high LTV users is at the very foundation of an integrated app marketing effort.Depending on your campaign goals and marketing strategy, we will consider using mobile performance ad networks, social platforms (e.g. Facebook and Twitter), RTB programmatic buying and direct media placement. Our high user acquisition strategies include: ● Implementing a soft launch ● Creating high volume burst campaigns ● Targeting specific media in niche markets ● Sustaining long-term campaigns focused on user base growth ● Measuring, iterating and improving user acquisition
  10. 10. 10 Mobile Marketing Agency UI/UX consulting Our team of proficient UI/UX consultants will analyse your product, draw an outline of your user engagement funnel and study your behavioral data to identify the list of existing engagement constraints. This will allow us to develop an understanding of the updated roadmap for making positive changes of the app marketing performance and thus increasing your LTV. We will prepare a report featuring: ● Extensive actionable recommendations for improvements ● Wireframes and examples of leading and best practices ● Optimized algorithms for user interaction with the app
  11. 11. 11 Mobile Marketing Agency Public relations Let ComboApp boost your product recognition with outreach through high profile media that cater to your target audiences. We will engage users with reviews from trusted sources, relevant forum discussions and social media campaigns. Our PR and content marketing efforts include: ● Performing outreach to niche audiences ● Developing media reviews across relevant verticals - tech, business, digital, gaming ● Featuring your app in high profile media outlets ● Engaging potential users via social media channels (Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, iTunes podcasts)
  12. 12. 12 Mobile Marketing Agency App Store Optimization We’ll help increase organic downloads through a data-driven app store optimization. This process includes creating a visually appealing landing page, delivering the right content at the right time, and writing a search-optimized description aimed at significantly improving app discoverability. App store optimizations include: ● Analyzing keywords by frequency and relative weight ● Researching competitor keywords ● Optimizing your set of keywords, app title and app description ● A/B split testing app icon and app store screenshots ● Determining the best traffic sources ● Iterative ASO strategy – release, test, analyze, implement and plan the next update
  13. 13. About UsCase Studies
  14. 14. 14 Mobile Marketing Agency Mobile Marketing Program For Intel As Intel’s official marketing partner, ComboApp is routinely asked to be a resource for key campaigns. In this particular case, Intel asked ComboApp to run a multifaceted marketing campaign for a select ecosystem of mobile app developers. The client was looking for optimization of their product for a particular target audience and to create an active user base. The target audiences, parents, were some of the hardest to court, because they are very selective in what apps they choose to use for their families and for themselves. Challenge Campaign Results Up to 300% increase in the number of organic app downloads through custom marketing campaign ComboApp was able to exceed pre-defined goals significantly raising awareness of the app, and reach a 300% uplift in organic downloads. Customized marketing plan for each partner app consisted of: ● Market research and focus group studies ● Wide coverage via media outlets and bloggers ● Social media boost (including Youtube, high-profile iTunes podcasts and forums) ● Targeted user acquisition campaigns
  15. 15. 15 Mobile Marketing Agency Trusted mobile growth partner for one of the biggest US cable providers - Cox Communications Challenge Campaign Results Flare Kids Cox Communications launched a mobile video content project for children called Flare Kids. This project is a part of the education and entertainment platform focused on kids and teenagers. Comboapp was selected to provide an evaluation of Flare Kids mobile apps, including: ● Information on a suitable monetization model ● Detailed competitor overview ● Market research ● UI/UX audit ● Monetization strategy and analysis based on statistical data of 29 competitors ● Detailed parent and child behavior analysis with data on search inquiries and content preferences ● The list of the most desirable content for kids and most requested parental control features ● Extensive report on app UI/UX recommendations along with examples of best practices and wireframes
  16. 16. 16 Mobile Marketing Agency MobileSleepDoc Huge multi-tier marketing push led to dramatic rise of the brand recognition and increased app usage Challenge Campaign Results Mobile Sleep Doc is an app that is synched with FitBit and is designed to help identify and resolve sleep issues. What makes MSD different: it is the first sleep focused app/wearable technology that has been designed by a medical doctor who specializes in sleep disorders. Comboapp teamed up with board certified sleep specialist Dr. Melissa Lim to evaluate the MobileSleepDoc app and prepare it for launch. Comboapp takes pride in having provided marketing support for this healthcare solution that helps solve a public health problem by enhancing the quality of life of individuals. In the pre-launch stage we determined the best monetization model and identified key user behavior metrics for the app. App launch was supported by a multi-tier marketing push, website SEO, ASO and massive media outreach. ● 200+ Media hits including Yahoo! Finance, The Business Journals, and many more ● Outreach to 7,000,000 niche audience through wellness and fitness bloggers who shared their positive experiences from the MobileSleepDoc Pro app
  17. 17. 17 Mobile Marketing Agency Video Medicine Video Medicine is a HIPAA compliant telemedicine app that allows patients to connect with medical specialists using an innovative face-to-face video chat app. This groundbreaking app allows patients to benefit from technologies and make professional healthcare available to all. ComboApp was proud to establish Video Medicine as the leader in the telemedicine category. After careful product analysis, ComboApp developed a tailor-made marketing strategy and PR plan. Challenge Campaign Results Omni-channel marketing campaign included: ● App Store optimization followed by website re-design that led to improved click-to-install and install-to-action conversions ● Customized user behavior tracking system that provided the ability to attribute search inquiries to in-app user behavior and thus deliver personalized messaging led to outstanding engagement results ● PR campaign resulted in 90+ media hits in top business and tech media outlets including: USA Today, Re/code, CNBC and ABC News ComboApp drives 200% increase in user engagement by analyzing data from custom user behavior tracking system text in progres
  18. 18. 18 Mobile Marketing Agency Office Suite Office Suite - the MOST downloaded office app on Google Play - partnered with ComboApp to launch a major iOS release ● Launch and localization of the app in 9 countries, including reviews in Japan, Russia, UK, Germany, China and India in relevant languages ● Reviews on digital media sites with a general outreach to 900,000 readers ● Extensive social media exposure to tech-savvy user community of over 300,000 across US and UK ● Office Suite reached the highest position in the App Store and became a Google Play editors’ choice award winner Campaign Results Agency supported the launch of the iOS version of Office Suite Pro 8 in order to increase the media coverage and number of downloads within the first week of release for select international target markets in Europe and Asia. We were chosen to manage the following: ● ASO support (localization, creating video on the app’s key benefits) ● Media outreach through popular digital outlets and blogs ● Generating buzz around the app within the mobile marketplace Challenge
  19. 19. 19 Mobile Marketing Agency Bungee Mummy: Challenges Instagram and Facebook ad campaigns exceeded planned eCPI and led to organic uplift Client Needs Campaign Results After successful launch of the “Bungee Mummy: King’s Escape” mobile game, ComboApp continued to work on its sequel “Bungee Mummy: Challenges”. The goal was to maximize the volume of app installs while decreasing CPI. Comboapp performed user acquisition test campaign via the following user acquisition channels: ● Instagram ads ● Facebook ads ComboApp developed and managed the test launch campaign. With the help of constant data analysis and campaign optimization, ComboApp delivered: ● Successful user acquisition campaign with Instagram ads ● 5 times CPI decrease as a result of 8 week of campaign ● An impressive number of organic installs
  20. 20. 20 Mobile Marketing Agency ComboApp, an official marketing partner for SeaWorld Kids’ mobile app developers, evaluated app portfolio and designed the marketing strategy for app’s launch. The goal was to reach the U.S. parenting community and create an active user base within an oversaturated market. Challenge Campaign Results SeaWorld Kids Apps A massive PR campaign in Youtube, Facebook, Pinterest and Parents Blogs led to extensive exposure in the parents community and increased overall user acquisitions for SeaWorld ● ASO and variety of creative assets for targeted audience ● User acquisition through mobile networks and Facebook ● Massive PR campaign through Facebook, Youtube reviews, Pinterest, mobile networks etc. ● High profile iTunes podcasts included Kids Friday ● 200,000+ outreach through promotional Parent Bloggers’ posts
  21. 21. 21 Mobile Marketing Agency Good2Go The massive PR efforts resulted in over 20,000 downloads within the first week of app release Good2Go app was designed to address the sensitive subject of sexual consent among college-aged individuals in US. ComboApp supported the app release and ensured that the media coverage generated a significant number of downloads within the first week of release. Media list consisted of 400 targets, including top-tier national digital outlets, college related lifestyle publications and business/tech publications Media collateral included a core value statement, pitch and talking points. The media outreach addressed an important social issue and spread awareness of the importance of personal safety. ComboApp was able to secure a significant amount of media coverage - the app was featured in hundreds of media outlets. ● 200+ Articles released in The Telegraph, Cosmopolitan and many more ● Television features included: Today Show, MSNBC, The Doctors and more. ● 20,000+ downloads during the first launch week Challenge Campaign Results
  22. 22. 22 Mobile Marketing Agency Scaling the success of its world-famous tv-show “Dance Moms”, Abby Lee Dance Company launched a mobile app. The main challenge for the Abby Lee Dance Secrets app was to reach its niche audience. Comboapp provided a detailed analytics report with a set of effective marketing recommendations including: ● Campaign promotion analysis ● Media channels performance research ● UI/UX recommendations ● User acquisition source evaluation App reached 100,000 installs in the first 10 days after launch. Solution was based on: ● Defining the most profitable UA sources for active user base growth and factors for improving organic traffic volumes ● Conducting an app users’ survey and analyzing user engagement metrics to increase retention rate ● Determining key UX design issues and suggesting a set of improvements ● Creating conversion splits (CVR) by media sources Challenge Campaign Results Extensive app performance research and analytic support Abby Lee Dance Secrets
  23. 23. 23 Mobile Marketing Agency Dressbox Fashion & Innovations LLС asked Comboapp to ensure a successful global market launch of its Dressbox app and its subsequent promotion. The main challenge was to complete a thorough market analysis in order to define the primary countries for app launch and to evaluate its current app version. Today, Comboapp continues to support the Dressbox app with localization services for selected markets. We also provide consulting, and help set up analytics services for tracking marketing activity, including offline, PR, SMM and UA. Comboapp provided a global and detailed analysis of more than 30 countries’ markets. The final report included: ● Market analysis from the perspective of regional features and app launch potential ● Competitor analysis, their features and marketing strategies ● Target audience analysis, their behavior, needs and consumption habits Based on this report, Comboapp suggested countries with best potential for Dressbox app launch. Challenge Campaign Results Successful global app launch in selected markets based on comprehensive research and customer data analysis leadership
  24. 24. About UsWhy choose us
  25. 25. 25 Mobile Marketing Agency Let’s get straight to the point full staff capable of delivering all services in-house data driven approach for choosing media strategy and evaluating performance global and local markets experience — expertise in scaling app user bases and developing growth strategies Internal Innovation Lab: producing in-house software solutions for advanced acquisition campaign management and data analysis In-depth understanding of mobile, digital and offline media and ability to develop and manage multi-platform, omni-channel projects 360
  26. 26. Challenge us! ComboApp, Inc. Willis Tower, 93rd Floor 233 S. Wacker Drive, Suite 9390 Chicago, IL 60606 US Tel: 773 305 0886 ext. 235