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Fitness Myths - Stretching


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Fitness Myths - Stretching

  1. 1. Photo Credit: Tobyrotter
  2. 2. Photo Credit: Clip Art
  3. 3.  Stretching, implies movement of joints through their full range of motion and holding the final degree of  Depending on the stretch for a certain workout you are about amount of time. to do, a light stretch before the workout and a longer stretch after will  A pre-workout warm-up help decrease chances is not the same as a pre- for injury workout stretch, because a warm up will mimic the movement that will occur during the workoutPhoto Credit: Clip Art
  4. 4.  Sports-specific pre-  When stretching exercise stretching before a workout, can improve always follow the performance in guidelines for each many sports! stretch and make sure to stretch after your workout! Photo Credit: Clip Art
  5. 5. Ref. Hoeger & Hoeger (11th ed.) Lifetime Physical Fitness & Wellness To learn more about Stretching! Check out: ss/stretching-exercisesPhoto Credit: Clip Art