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my C.V


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my C.V

  1. 1. - 1 - • Drawing of Ships and Marine Machinery, • Technical Writing, • Naval Architecture, • Ship Outfitting, • Marine Engineering, • Ship Structural Design, • Application of Probability Theory in the Marine Field, • Ship Economics, • Offshore Engineering. Curriculum Vitae Objectives: I would like to join your organization to enhance my experience and make the best use of it via sharing it with others. I'm full of enthusiasm to do great work. So I will do my best. Education Undergraduate Courses Mohammed Abdo El Malaki Tel. : (+066)3425084 Mob. : (+20)01004297339 Mail : Bachelor’s of Engineering, May 2006 University Dept/Major Overall Degree Diploma in ship production , June2015 (Excellent degree ) Name Address Gender Date of Birth Nationality Marital Status Military Services Personal Information Name Description Grade Graduation project : Mohammed Abdo Moustafa El Malaki. : 46 mohammed ali building, port fouad, port said, Egypt. : Male. : 21/10/1984. : Egyptian. : married. : Finished : Faculty of Engineering, Suez Canal University. : Naval Architecture & Marine Engineering. : Very good (75.89%). : Design of "Costal Bunkering Vessel." : This project is a supply tanker ship (bunkering vessel 950 ton), this ship is operating in inland water ways and used for supplying the seagoing ships with heavy and light fuel. : Excellent.
  2. 2. - 2 - Date Position Held Responsibilities Work Experience Training Courses Date Organization Training Sub. Date Organization Training Sub. Date Organization Training Sub. Date Organization Training Sub. Date Organization Training Sub. Date Organization Training Sub. Date Organization Training Sub. : From 28/11/2006 until 26/10/2010. : Teaching assistance, Naval Architecture & Marine Engineering department. : Finished my preliminary master, in the preparation phase of master. : Summer 2004. :"Port-Said Ship Yards" (port-said). : General training in ship building, construction and repair workshops. : Summer 2005. : "Henkel-PDC Company" (port-said). : General training in detergent production process overview. : 7 April 2011. : Atomic Energy Authority. : Welding Visual Inspection (Level 1) : 12 April 2012. : Atomic Energy Authority. : Welding Visual Inspection (Level 2) : 23 February 2015. : Atomic Energy Authority. : Radiographic Testing (Level 1 & Level 2) : 22 October 2015. : Egyptian Association For Industrial Safety And Training. : Application of Safety Standards in Shipyards. : 18 February 2016. : Torab Engineering Consultancy (TEC) Company. : OHSAS 18001 Internal Auditor. Date : From 26/10/2010 until now. Position Held : Shipbuilding engineer in Port Said shipyard, Suez Canal Authority Responsibilities : follow up the building and repair of tugs, ferries, dredgers and ships.
  3. 3. - 3 - ` Arabic English Professional Activities • Member, Royal Institution of Naval Architects, (RINA), Great Britain, 2003. • Seminar in '' Water jet Propulsion Systems ", 2006. Language Skills Computer Skills • Have ICDL (International Computer Driving License), 2009. • Professional Dealing with Operating System XP/ Vista. • Good dealing with computer software. • Good dealing with AutoCAD (2-D). • Good dealing with "ANASYS Program". • Good dealing with "SAP2000" Program. • Good dealing with "MATLAP" Program. Personality Key Strength • Have sense of leadership. • Very good learner and troubleshooter. • Ambitious, creative and posses excellent presentation skills. • Ability to work under high pressure. • Ability to be team player. • High communication skills and self confidence. • Have negotiation skills and ability to convey ideas and knowledge to others. • Self-studying and self-starting ability. • All references and certificates can be provided when requested. References : Mother Tongue. : Fluent, (Have certificate in English Language TOEFL). Mohammed El Malaki