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One Minutes Salesperson

Collection from the expert. Thanks to Brian Tracy, Ken Blanchard and Spencer Johnson

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One Minutes Salesperson

  1. 1. One Minute Salesperson Author(s) : Spencer Johnson & Larry Wilson
  2. 2. Overcome Fears 80/20 RULE! Top 3 Qualities of Salesperson Ambitious Go for NO! Make a Total Commitment to Success DEDICATION!
  3. 3. One Minute Salesperson Author(s) : Spencer Johnson & Larry Wilson
  4. 4. The legendary salesperson called by some “The One Minute $alesperson” “Almost everyone, in every walk of life who succeeded was really an effective sales person”
  5. 5. Person based approach • Behind every sale is a PERSON  Seller or Buyer  Selling to others or selling to me
  6. 6. Key Minute in doing sales FINDING Purpose ≠ Goals Finding is simple but learning is another different story. *Invest yourself in finding the key minute and crystalize it clear. It’s a lesson of wonderful paradox.
  7. 7. Then Start Selling on Purpose “My selling purpose is to help get the good feelings they want about what they bought and about themselves.” - One Minute $alesperson 2 Level: 1. Doing sales routine consciously on purpose. 2. Caring about people to get what they want to get.
  8. 8. Before the sale “Whenever I am successful I know I have chosen, consciously or unconsciously, to use the positive thoughts that created my success”
  9. 9. The One Minute Rehearsal Step 1 WALK IN THE OTHER PERSON’S SHOES Before I can walk in another person’s shoes, I must first take off my own. Customer orientation Step 2 Study features & advantages of what you sell to solve problems. Know your product/service Step 3 Visualize a happy ending. Power of positive thinking Key Minutes Before the Sales
  10. 10. During the sales People don’t buy services, products or ideas. They buy how they imagine using them will make them feel.
  11. 11. • People hate to be sold anything but they love to buy. I sell the way I and the other person like to buy. I invest time as a PERSON. • People buy for their reasons, not salesperson’s. I ask ‘HAVE’ question and ‘WANT’ question. • When I want to remember how to sell, I simply recall how I and other people like to buy. The other person closes the sale when he sees he gets the maximum benefits with the minimum personal risk. • The difference is the problem. I listen and I repeat back what I have heard to relate with solution to the problem. • I honestly relate my service, product or idea only to what the other person wants to feel. Identify needs and not create needs. Key Minutes During the Sales
  12. 12. After the Sale “After I sell On Purpose, people feel pleased about what they bought and with themselves.”
  13. 13. Key Minutes After the Sales Happy customers give me invaluable REFERRALS! • Follow up people after sale • Confirm if they are happy • If not, help make things right • When pleased, praise their buying decision • Provide some added value • Ask for active referrals
  14. 14. Self Managed Selling “Self-Managed Selling first helps me realize how good I already am and then it lets me enjoy becoming even better!”
  15. 15. One Minute Salesperson Author(s) : Spencer Johnson & Larry Wilson
  16. 16. My One Minute Manager Set One Minute Goals Give One Minute Praising Apply My One Minute Reprimand Adapt One Self-Management
  17. 17. • I write out my goals in less 250 words as though they are real • I read and reread them in one minutes • I see them as already achieved each time I read. Set One Minute Goals
  18. 18. Questions?
  19. 19. Thank you