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China Injection Molding Companies has 13 years mold manufacturer located in Shenzhen of China, Dedicates in injection mold tooling, manufacturing and plastic injection moulding services, offers custom injection mold making and plastic parts etc production for global companies.

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China Injection Molding Companies

  1. 1. Tel: +86 755 3296 0829 Molding Mold
  2. 2. Injection Molding Tool Room  Our company has a full tool room to complement our plastic injection molding operation. It is very important to our customers that we have on site mold building capabilities. Their major concerns are tool down time for repairs or modifications and also expense since they know the outside tool shop will have higher costs which we would have to pass on.
  3. 3. Injection moulding simulation tools  Whether the injection moulding simulations software (not only Moldflow) are 90% or 95% or 99% accurate or not: we should remember that these tools (or many of these tools) have more than 20 years of development and during this time they became better end better. From the other side, as the older of us may-be remember, these tools born to contribute to develop and to realize new plastic parts and products in "concurrent" way, that is to take in account from the beginning (concept phase) the possible issues coming from the tooling phase and from the production.
  4. 4. Moldflow simulation operator should be skilled  Most moldflow simulation software is capable to calculate on a very accurate way. The only problem is that the operator must really understand plastics, product design, mold design and what happens in the production. If the operator doesn't have these skills then you get only nice pictures which everybody can make when he knows how to work with the moldflow analysis software. I have the experience that a good mold flow analysis will need enough time and enough different simulations. I really do not understand how most of the simulations are made within one setting. How do you know this is the correct one. Most calculations are made with the simplest cooling circuits and we all know that in the practice this is almost not possible. It is not the moldflow software who determines the quality of the simulation but it is the operator who does.
  5. 5. Tool and Die Maker in China  Due to low cost of raw materials and low wage, price of injection mold tools in China attract buyers from the western countries, more important than pricing, the quality of tooling from China can compete with the European/ American quality and durability standards. If you are purchasing tools and dies from China, this article would be worth for your reading. If you still have not purchased from China, you will do soon, because this is going to be a trend and last long.
  6. 6. Tooling and Molding is unique for each company  Each company has a unique set of requirements for tooling and molding. The tooling and molded part cost is always a significant consideration for most companies. When dealing with budgetary issues that limit tooling costs, I for one will always present a simple spreadsheet which identifies various tool options (like cavitation) along with capacity (hourly, weekly.....) and part price. Once these numbers are expressed and understood by the decision makers, it becomes obvious which option is most advantageous to the program at hand.
  7. 7. Why precision injection mold cost is high? To address the question: Extremely high capital investment  Several hundred if not 1000's of labor hours required- -- highly skilled  Every single piece/part of a mold is a one of a kind custom made part and a mold may require hundreds of parts. The good mold making companies in China have the very best equipment money can buy--- same as the EU countries or US. The country of origin has nothing to do with the quality you receive. Everything is dependent upon the specific source company chosen and the degree of involvement by a competent technical staff on behalf of the company buying the mold.
  8. 8. Contact Us  Jiahuahaoyuan , Shiyan Town,  Baoan District, Shenzhen,  Guangdong, 518108 China  Email :  Tel: +86 755 3296 0829  Fax: +86 755 3296-0829  Website :