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Presentation 1 molina

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Presentation 1 molina

  1. 1. • As a livery passenger, you have the right to: Ride in a car that is clean, in good condition, and has passed all required inspections; • Be driven by a TLC-licensed driver in good standing whose license is clearly displayed; • A safe and courteous driver who obeys all traffic laws; • A quiet trip, free of horn-honking and audio/radio noise; • Receive a fare quote from the dispatcher and pay that amount for your ride (unless the trip changes); • A driver who does not use a cell phone while driving (hands-free phones are not permitted); • A smoke and scent free ride; • Air-conditioning or heat on request; • Working seatbelts for all passengers – please use them! • Not share a ride, unless you want to; • Be accompanied by a service animal; • Decline to tip for poor service.
  2. 2. We take pride in being both a family owned and operated business.
  3. 3. With over fifteen cars available through out the day, we can ensure prompt service.
  4. 4. JFK LaGuardia Newark $50.00 + Tolls $43.00 + Tolls $55.oo + Tolls
  5. 5. • “I've been using 7th for nearly 20+ years, mostly for airport runs. Always reliable, decent prices!” • “Great car service! Very friendly, accurate and knowledgeable.” • “I only use this service when I'm going to the airport but I've been using them for years and have never had a problem. They always show up early when I call them and are really helpful with estimating how long it will take to get to the airport at various times of day.” • ”I continue to make them my first call when I need a car because they are always on time when I arrange a pick up.”
  6. 6. Office Number: 718-965-4242 Address: 307 7th avenue, Brooklyn, NY, 11215 Website: Social Media:
  7. 7. Slide 1 Picture: Danny Molina, 2014, Business Card Slide 2 Picture: Slide 3 Pictures: Danny Molina, 2014, Office pictures Slide 4 Picture: