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Frank Underwood's Lessons For Digital Marketers

Despite being perhaps the most Machiavellian of all pop culture characters this century has seen, Frank Underwood ( Kevin Spacey’s House of Cards character) can be a guiding voice for digital marketers.

And in celebration of tonight's Emmy Awards, here are five lessons—straight from Frank's mouth to your screen.

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Frank Underwood's Lessons For Digital Marketers

  1. F R A N K U N D E R W O O D ’ S a slideshare from
  2. Meet FRANK UNDERWOOD, the Democrat from South Carolina on Netflix’s House of Cards.
  3. He’s damn good at engaging the viewer.
  4. And could teach you a thing or two about engaging with your customers.
  5. Because Frank looks you in the eye.
  6. He talks to yo u . Not at yo u .
  7. They’re lessons for digital marketers.
  8. LESSON #1
  9. “Any politician that gets MILLION VOTES has tapped into something larger than himself, larger than even me, as much as I hate to admit it. Look at that winning smile, those trusting eyes." [ SEASON 1, CHAPTER 1 ]
  10. BUILD TRUST [ WHAT’S HE MEAN? ] Make sure your audience knows you're listening. Use the data at your disposal—demographics, technographics, behavioral data— to deliver experiences that will resonate with your customers.
  11. LESSON #2
  12. “Power is a lot like real estate. It’s all about LOCATION, LOCATION, LOCATION. The closer you are to the source, the higher your property value.” [ SEASON 1, CHAPTER 1 ]
  13. [ WHAT’S HE MEAN? ] BE MOBILE You need to meet your customers where they are. That might be mobile, that might be tablet, that might be desktop. Using responsive design to meet their varying needs is your entry fee to reaching your customers wherever they are.
  14. LESSON #3
  15. “MONEY is the McMansion in Sarasota that starts falling apart after 10 years. POWER is the old stone building that stands for centuries. I cannot respect someone who doesn't see the difference.” [ SEASON 1, CHAPTER 2 ]
  16. [ WHAT’S HE MEAN? ] THINK LONG-TERM Instead of coupons and surreptitious email acquisition, build relationships with your customers. Delivering value and relevant experiences over the long run is more valuable than breeding dependence through discounts. Skip the one-time sale for the lifetime customer.
  17. LESSON #4
  18. “What you have to understand about my people is that they are a noble people. HUMILITY IS THEIR FORM OF PRIDE. It is their strength; it is their weakness. And if you can humble yourself before them they will do anything you ask.” [ SEASON 1, CHAPTER 3 ]
  19. [ WHAT’S HE MEAN? ] The foundation of your personalization strategy is messaging that’s contextually relevant to the individual: What device is that person using? What is her on-site behavioral history? Where is she located? Answering those questions will get you started.
  20. LESSON #5
  21. MATADORS. Which do you think I intend to be? There are two types of vice-presidents: DOORMATS & [ SEASON 2, CHAPTER 3 ]
  22. [ WHAT’S HE MEAN? ] Don’t be paralyzed by what might seem like an insurmountable feat. Start small, and start fast. If you focus your efforts on quick wins, you’ll build internal support and momentum. ACT NOW
  23. You’re probably expecting...
  24. this lesson to end with a of our knuckles...
  25. [ THERE YA GO ]