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A Customer-Centric Banking Platform Powered by MongoDB


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Speaker: Alan Reyes Vilchis, Technical Lead, Banco Azteca
Level: 200 (Intermediate)
Track: Developer
Business apps powered by single customer views (SCV’s) are one of the most predominant uses of MongoDB. However, each view presents unique challenges such as distilling data from providers, removing duplication, matching records in different systems, and more.

The team at Banco Azteca (part of Grupo Salinas, a holding company of enterprises in media, telecommunications and financial services) in Mexico City has launched various customer-centric banking services that are powered by an SCV built on MongoDB, which has not only allowed the expansion into mobile-first consumer markets, but has also helped in identifying and preventing fraud across the group’s enterprises. This talk will explore the overall initiative, and place emphasis on the technical innovations regarding design, serialization and transactions across multiple systems.

What You Will Learn:
- “Serialization magic” using the MongoDB Java driver and Jackson
- Implementing transactional-like logic across different systems
- Conceptual and physical design for building a Single-View

Published in: Technology
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A Customer-Centric Banking Platform Powered by MongoDB

  1. 1. A Customer-Centric Banking Platform Powered by MongoDBAlan Reyes Vilchis Technical Lead, Customer 360
  2. 2. Customer 360 Development Area Customer 360 was born with MongoDB adoption at Banco Azteca Our objective is to build a customer-centric services platform to be used by all of the companies of the group
  3. 3. Grupo Elektra
  4. 4. Banco Azteca Banco Azteca is changing its way to relate with the Customers, under the motto: “Everything that you can do in a branch, you can do it in our app” To achieve this objective we needed to review our workflows
  5. 5. Before Platform 360 Branch Unique Customer Banking Core Loans App Backend
  6. 6. After Platform 360 Platform 360 Branch App Backend Unique Customer Banking Core Loans Services
  7. 7. What are we building? Digital Mobile Bank iOS Application Android Application Application Backend Customer 360 Single View System of Record
  8. 8. Customer 360 Single View
  9. 9. Money Exchange before the Single View Money Exchange at branch Banking Core Unique Customer Money Exchange own database The identification of customer required searches to different systems, using different contracts and capabilities for each one of them
  10. 10. Money Exchange after the Single View Money Exchange at branch Customer 360 Single View The identification of customers can be done now in a single search, retrieving results with the same or better quality
  11. 11. Single View Design Person Master Sources UC_1-1-1-1 ALNOVA_12345678 UC_1-3-20-12 LOANS_1-1-1-1 Structure of a Person’s Record on the single view:
  12. 12. Single View Single View Data Flow Banking Core MS SQL Server Unique Customer Oracle Loans AS400 REST API Unified Database Talend Talend
  13. 13. Scop e Business Benefits Transactions are written first to the single view, which propagates the data back to the source system of record. Writes are performed concurrently to the source systems as well as the single view The single view data model is enriched with additional sources to serve more applications, including real-time analytics. The single view becomes a platform serving multiple applications Single View Platform Records are copied via ETL or message queue mechanisms from the source systems into the single view, serving read queries. The single view serves one specific application Single View Application Single View First Dual Writes Read Centric Transforming the role of the single view Reads & Writes Single View Maturity Model your-business-part-3
  14. 14. Architecture for Writes to the Single View ETLorMessageQueue Web Mobile CRM Mainframe Single View Call Center Analytics Technical Support Billing Update Queue Reads Writes Source Systems Consuming Systems Load your-business-part-3
  15. 15. System of Record
  16. 16. • New business logic and constraints for our new mobile-first use cases • Unique Customer didn’t allow to register anonymous customers • Need to manage the customers of new businesses without requiring them to have their own databases Why was it needed?
  17. 17. Design of the System of Record Structure of a Customer Record Customer Personal Data Business Extended A Business Extended B Business Extended C (Virtual)
  18. 18. System of Record Data Flow Unique Customer Oracle System of Record REST API Database Banking Core MS SQL Server
  19. 19. Main technologies
  20. 20. • Horizontal scaling • It’s flexible schema allows us to – Reduce the development time in half, by integrating the development work on the database and the application – Keep related objects with variable schemas together in the same collection or array MongoDB
  21. 21. Java • Enterprise trusted • Strong typing • Plenty of libraries
  22. 22. Technical challenges
  23. 23. Integration of customer data ID: 1 Name: John Smith ID: 2 Username: jsmith ID: 1 Name: John Smith Username: jsmith ID: 2 Primary: 1
  24. 24. Solution on a Relational Database CustomerPrima rycustomer_id primary_id CustomerData customer_id name username CustomerId customer_id
  25. 25. Solution on MongoDB { "id": 1, "name": "John Smith" } { "id": 1, "name": "John", "username": "jsmith" } { "id": 2, "principal": 1 } { "id": 2, "username": "jsmith" }
  26. 26. Keep related objects together Unique Customer ID channel: 1 branch: 13 id: 87 Alnova ID id_alnova: 1 Unique Customer ID channel: 2 branch: 23 id: 54 Customer
  27. 27. Solution CustomerLinkedUniqueCustom er customer_id channel branch id CustomerLinkedAlnova customer_id alnova_id Customer customer_id { "id": 1, "linked_ids": [ { "origin": "bank", "id": { "bank_id": 1 } }, { "origin": "branch", "id": { "channel": 1, "branch": 13, "id": 87 } }, { "origin": "branch", "id": { "channel": 2, "branch": 23, "id": 54 } } ] } VS
  28. 28. Integration of Java and MongoDB
  29. 29. Technologies stack MongoDB Native Java Driver MongoJack Jackson Value.Immutabl e
  30. 30. Output: Value.Immutables Creates immutable implementations based on a contract
  31. 31. Output: Value.Immutables Immutables enforces consistency
  32. 32. Jackson @Value.Immutable interface Customer { @JsonProperty("_id") int getId(); @JsonProperty("first_name") String getFirstName(); @JsonProperty("last_name") String getLastName(); } { "_id": 1, "name": "JOHN", "first_name": "SMITH", "last_name": "SMITH" }
  33. 33. Jackson Mixin support // Data Class class Data { String property; String getProperty() { return; } String setProperty() { = value; } } Jackson ObjectMapper Data instance JSON // Annotated Contract interface DataMixin { @JsonProperty("property") String getProperty(); }
  34. 34. MongoJack Customer MongoDB Collection JacksonCollection (MongoJack) ObjectMapper (Jackson) MongoJack Module MongoDB Java Driver DBObject
  35. 35. Common Library Customer Class Reusability Customer instance JacksonCollection (MongoJack) ObjectMapper (Jackson) MongoJack Module JSON HTTP API (Jersey Server) ObjectMapper (Jackson) MongoDB Collection HTTP Client (Jersey Client) ObjectMapper (Jackson) Customer object
  36. 36. Distributed transactions
  37. 37. Current Model Customer Extended A Customer Extended B Customer Customer Model addAddress() setName() addLinkedId() beginModify() commit() Controller
  38. 38. Proposed Model Transaction Actions apply() SetNameAction AddLinkedIdActio n AddAddressAction Customer Extended A Customer Extended B Customer Controller Action prevalidate() apply() notify()
  39. 39. Transaction flow Transaction Prevalidation Application Notification External services Database
  40. 40. Summing up
  41. 41. Summary To sum up, I showed you: • How we have build our single view • How we have build our system of record • How we used MongoJack, Jackson and Value.Immutables to map Java objects to MongoDB and back • How we designed a framework to apply complex transactions
  42. 42. Thank you! On behalf of the Customer 360 Development Team
  43. 43. Q & A Alan Reyes Vilchis Technical Lead, Customer 360 @KuttKatrea Font Awesome by Dave Gandy -