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Beyond Big Binders: Teaching Portfolios in the Web 2.0 World

With today's technology, it's no longer necessary to maintain the traditional (and oversized!) 3-ring binder for your teaching portfolio. In this presentation (which was presented at PETE&C 2013 by Monica Rysavy and Kim Tohill), we explored various e-portfolio development tools and demonstrated how to create an e-portfolio that showcases evidence of your teaching skills and professional qualifications

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Beyond Big Binders: Teaching Portfolios in the Web 2.0 World

  2. 2. A BIT OF BACKGROUND...• 40% of college campuses use some type of e- portfolio (2011)• 21st century citizens with 21st century skills need 21st century assessment!• Porfolios are designed to showcase YOU and YOUR skills!
  3. 3. WHAT IS AN E-PORTFOLIO?• Combination of professional theory and practical experience• Purposeful collection of meaningful data from teaching activities and related experiences• Multi-modal• Artifact of learning that showcases the individual• Represents an entire process of learning in the form of a product
  4. 4. WHY ARE E-PORTFOLIOS SOIMPORTANT?• Identification and documentation of personal skills and abilities• Demonstrates more than tests• Incorporates self-reflection• Helps to beginning teachers translate theory into practice• Helps experienced teachers to self-improve• Elicits the community as an audience• Makes visible the process of learning as a product• Student empowerment!
  5. 5. THINGS TO INCLUDE... Personal Profile Professional Profile • Brief self-description or • Resume overview • Curriculum Vitae • Educational beliefs • Professional References • Personal teaching philosophy • Classroom management philosophy
  6. 6. PERTINENTEXPERIENCES• Courses taken • Credit-bearing • Continuing education • Open courses• Jobs• Internships• Service/volunteer work• Professional activities and memberships• Relevant interests• Relevant life experiences
  7. 7. SKILLSMATRIX• Communication• Creativity• Critical Thinking• Intercultural Knowledge• Leadership• Life Management • Research• Project Development • Social Responsibility • Teamwork • Technology
  8. 8. ARTIFACTS AND EXAMPLES • Documents • Assessments • writing samples, research papers, • samples, outcomes, spreadsheets histograms • Presentations • Videos • Images • Link to personal/ • photographs, artwork, social bulletin boards professional website • Observations • Link to professional blog • Music & sounds and/or microblog • podcasts, audio clips • Social bookmark lists
  9. 9. REFLECTIONS• Self-reflections of observations• Notes taken during educational experiences• Notes taken during relevant personal experiences• Experiences gained from mentors, peers, and teachers
  10. 10. CONSIDERATIONS• File formats• Layout• Use of color and images
  11. 11. SUPPORTING TEACHING ANDLEARNING• Supports self-directed learning and learner autonomy• Provides evidence of learning, progress, and growth• Offers a more complete context for artifacts and experiences• Encourages continual personal reflection and refinement• Allows for discussion of both strengths and weaknesses
  12. 12. SUPPORTING TEACHING AND LEARNING• Makes the process of planning --> teaching --> reflection --> application explicit• Converts paper-based work to digital• Improves technical skills• Provides a type of on-going professional development
  13. 13. ePORTFOLIO DEVELOPMENT WEBSITES• eFolio PA• PortfolioGen• MERLOT ePortfolio
  14. 14. EFOLIO PA• Is a multimedia electronic • This system was created to portfolio management address the needs of system students, career-seekers and• Helps you create a living employers showcase of your education, • It integrates educational, career and personal employment and economic achievements. development objectives.• Sponsored by the Pennsylvania Department of Labor
  15. 15. EFOLIO PA: FEATURES• Multi-media content • Flexible security for your repository sites• Organize your information • Manage site visitors• Drag and drop build tools • 50MB of Storage Space• Automatically generated • Support for custom code pages integration• Multiple sites for targeted • Easy content changes audiences
  16. 16. EFOLIO PA: COSTS• All Pennsylvania residents and students enrolled at Pennsylvania educational institutions can use eFolio Pennsylvania to reach their career and education goals• FREE!
  17. 17. EFOLIO PA: SAMPLE SITE • Sample eFolio Website of a Pennsylvania Job Seeker
  18. 18. PORTFOLIOGEN• Free online service for • Portfoliogen was developed teachers to create their own by teachers for teachers to customized portfolio allow you to use todays webpage technology to create a web• Registered users receive their based portfolio and display own URL web address your skills beyond the allowing them to share their conventional paper-based credentials with prospective portfolio employers, principals, professors and peers
  19. 19. PORTFOLIOGEN: FEATURES• Personal URL for Your • Customize the Design and Portfolio Webpage Layout of Your Webpage• Post Information such as • Stay Connected With a Certifications, Education, Message Center Where and Work Related Photos Potential Employers Can• Upload Documents Such as Contact You. your Resume, Teaching • Stats, See How Many Philosophy, Lesson Plans, People are Viewing Your Recommendations, Portfolio Webpage Evaluations, & Transcripts• Embed Videos and Flash into Your Webpage
  20. 20. PORTFOLIOGEN: COSTS• Two Plans are offered: Basic • Support for additional (Free) or Premium (Paid) document types• Premium plans cost $14.95 • Add more & larger photos per year and offer the • Viewer Stats following additional features: • Add additional external • No ads links • Enhanced Web Page • Create a custom portfolio Designs URL • Add 5 additional pages to • Premium Support your portfolio • Higher Document Upload Limit (20 vs 2 with free plan) • Permits larger document sizes
  21. 21. PORTFOLIOGEN: SAMPLE SITE Sample teacher website created with PortfolioGen
  22. 22. RE.VU• Pronounced “Review”• A visual resume website• Enables you to present your information in the popular infographic style
  23. 23. RE.VU: FEATURES• Link your account to appealing way your LinkedIn account and • Add additional content such automatically pull in content as portfolio samples or even of your choice including: upload a copy of your Education, Work Experience, traditional resume Certifications, etc… • Link to social networks of• creates graphs and your choice charts that organize your information in a visually
  24. 24. RE.VU: ADDITIONAL FEATURES & COSTS• Analytics • Create a QR code that you can • Learn how many people have add to resume, business card, visited your profile, how long blog, email signature, etc… they stayed, and what they • Submit your site to search looked at engines to increase your ranking• Promote your site by sharing it on sites like: • Cost = FREE! • Facebook • Twitter • Linkedin
  25. 25. RE.VU: SAMPLE SITESample website
  29. 29. PRESENTER CONTACT INFORMATION• Monica Rysavy:• Kimberly Tohill: