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Atypical user research for the Antwerp police force - IxD18

Presentation for the IxD18 - Interaction Lyon Conference.

Touch screens in fast moving vehicles: providing a great user experience.

Spring 2016, Digipolis Antwerpen designed a new connected police vehicle for the Antwerp police force. Test vans contained dedicated touchscreens that allowed users to access FOCUS: a digital platform that supports field officers on the job. Passengers could use this interface while the van was headed towards an incident.

This specific context confronted us, the FOCUS UX designers, with very specific design challenges. Which environmental aspects influence the usability of a touchscreen in a police van? How do you optimize the physical installation of the screen? What are the optimal font and tap target sizes?

During this talk, we will tell about our approach to define design guidelines for this specific context. We’ll discuss the contextual problems, our assumptions, the research plan and test setup. We’ll give a closer look at the user test execution and will end by sharing our findings and guidelines with the audience.

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Atypical user research for the Antwerp police force - IxD18

  1. 1. FOCUS @WouterBridts @JokeVK @Monkeyshot
  2. 2. @WouterBridts
  3. 3. @JokeVK
  4. 4. Atypical user research for the Antwerp police force Touch screens in fast moving vehicles: creating a great user experience
  5. 5. Case study: FOCUS for police patrol squads
  6. 6. Observations
  7. 7. Patrol squads
  8. 8. On the road
  9. 9. Context of use
  10. 10. Advice concerning physical placement
  11. 11. Preliminary setup
  12. 12. Optimal angle of installation
  13. 13. Optimal angle of installation
  14. 14. Sun shield guidelines
  15. 15. Sun shield guidelines
  16. 16. UI design guidelines
  17. 17. Desk research: unsufficient
  18. 18. Font sizes? Colors? Touch targets?
  19. 19. Pilot
  20. 20. Testing the test & prototype
  21. 21. User testing
  22. 22. Part 1: Readability
  23. 23. Part 2: Touch target sizes
  24. 24. Conclusion Pattern of use
  25. 25. Thumb as support
  26. 26. Conclusie UI – design guidelines
  27. 27. Font sizes
  28. 28. Colors
  29. 29. Touch targets
  30. 30. Result
  31. 31. New patrol vehicle
  32. 32. Built-in touchscreen
  33. 33. Built-in touchscreen
  34. 34. Unique context? Unique research. Unique guidelines.
  35. 35. Spreading through the nation
  36. 36. @WouterBridts @JokeVK We’re hiring!