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Is tijd de nieuwe vijand? Monkeytalk 2016 Living Room Edition.

Jonathan Lovatt Young — Monkeytalk 2016 Living Room Edition.

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Is tijd de nieuwe vijand? Monkeytalk 2016 Living Room Edition.

  1. 1. Is time the new enemy? Strategies for managing user interruption
 Monkeytalk, 28 April 2016
  2. 2. A short story about an annoying christmas
  3. 3. “With all the talk of digital transformation you’d think we’re in multichannel utopia, in reality every brand and channel is disjointed”
  4. 4. Three big questions for us
  5. 5. Can we really trust brands with automation? What matters to consumers and what are their behaviours? Does connected services mandate a new approach and set of standards?
  6. 6. The poor consumer
  7. 7. Source: Quartz, 2015 vs 2010 change in daily media consumption Internet Outdoor Television Cinema Radio Magazines Newspapers -31% -23% -15% -11% -8% 3% 105%
  8. 8. Every single minute Facebook users like 4,166,667 posts Source: Domo data never sleeps 3.0
  9. 9. Every single minute Twitter users send 347,222 tweets
  10. 10. Every single minute YouTube users upload
 300 hours of new content
  11. 11. Every single minute Instagram users like
 1,736,111 photos
  12. 12. Every single minute Pinterest users pin
 9,722 images
  13. 13. Every single minute Apple users download
 51,000 apps
  14. 14. Every single minute Netflix subscribers stream 77,160 hours of video
  15. 15. Every single minute Reddit users cast 18,327 votes
  16. 16. Every single minute Amazon receives 4,310 unique visitors
  17. 17. Every single minute Vine users play 1,041,666 videos
  18. 18. Every single minute Tinder users swipe 590,278 times
  19. 19. Every single minute Snapchat users share 284,722 snaps
  20. 20. Every single minute Buzzfeed users view 34,150 videos
  21. 21. Every single minute Skype users make 110,040 calls
  22. 22. Every single minute Uber passengers make
 694 rides
  23. 23. “We are intentionally bombarding our consumers with 490 minutes of media every day. That’s not much of an experience.”
  24. 24. That’s 174 newspapers every day of content
  25. 25. And how do they feel about sharing that data?
  26. 26. But that percentage drops to 27% if
 the business is sharing data with a third party Willingness to share data: 67% individuals are willing to share with companies Source: Accenture 2015
  27. 27. If a better digital customer experience relies on sharing with the benefits of spending less time and more relevant content, how could we encourage consumer to actively share between companies? ?
  28. 28. Trusting brands
  29. 29. Just what is trust?
  30. 30. The provider will do as it says The provider will act in the consumers interests If something goes wrong, it will say so and deal with it straightforwardly Source: Charlie Mayfield, JLP
  31. 31. “With trust at an all time low, brands can not assume they can automate data transfer. To build credibility, the brand has to only act in the consumers interests.”
  32. 32. We must take the consumer on a journey of trust. We must seek permission. The service should be the confidential silent gatherer. “This seems to be happening a lot, would you like me to do that for you?”
  33. 33. “All power and control of automation should reside clearly with the consumer”
  34. 34. Late running train to London, knows I buy coffee at Charing Cross station. Meeting due in 15 minutes. Benefit: compensation and time saving
  35. 35. case Mercedes Benz links with Nest thermostat: set heating based on location and temperature control. Benefit: the environment.
  36. 36. Making this happen is difficult – Technical complexity of accessing GPS, Diary, Purchase History, Bank, Loyalty programmes, Notifications… what’s the biggest concern? Privacy. Who gets access? ?
  37. 37. Time for new standards?
  38. 38. Brand + Brand = Experience Location + Activity + Permission to data
  39. 39. Brand (Physical) Products and services Brand (Physical) Brand (Both) Brand (Digital) Brand (Digital) Mobile OS open standard Passport Data encrypted and not available to Telco or Manufacture User manages usage and behaviour Recording + request access Permission + Personalisation
  40. 40. Trust is the key here. We must take the customer on the journey of trust. Before complete automation we must seek permission: the OS can report ‘this seems to be happening a lot, would you like me to do that for you?’ The power and control should reside clearly with the customer.
  41. 41. Internet of things Internet of activity
  42. 42. Waking up Eating Travelling Working Shopping Finance At home SleepingExercise
  43. 43. Remove pain Authorised Automate Reward Processes that are manual, time consuming or repetitive for the customer Transparency between provider and customer where data is being recorded or used Passing data between providers and services that enables a joining-up of separate products Time invested in using a service is rewarded by unlocking and exclusivity Irrespective of location or activity four themes
  44. 44. Retail banks, loyalty schemes, pension providers, FCA Consolidation between providers and analysis of spending patterns to show a range of scenarios in changing habits. Forecasts to predict future balances and automatically assign funds to savings and pensions.
  45. 45. Fitness hardware, National Health Service, GP, Employer Sleep quality linked with eating and exercise to determine patterns. Suggested improvements to routine to encourage better sleep and mental health. Flexitime working with employer – stress and performance.
  46. 46. “Shared data is beneficial to the brand and consumer without being an intrusive personal assistant #savetime #privacy”
  47. 47. What could this look like?
  48. 48. How will your brand interrupt the customer less and become more relevant?
  49. 49. Thank you @naughtynorth