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Kick-off 2018 - Philip Vyt

Philip currently works as an Innovation Strategist at Takeda. 9 years of experience in different international transformation and change projects, gave Philip deep knowledge of digital transformation, change & innovation processes. He will use this experience to give us some Innovation Takeaways.

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Kick-off 2018 - Philip Vyt

  1. 1. Philip Vyt February 2018 Innovation Takeaways
  2. 2. 3 questions #Letsgetstarted
  3. 3. Who has ever been part of an innovation project? #questionone
  4. 4. Who is leading innovation projects? #questiontwo
  5. 5. Who has encountered bumps in the road? #questionthree
  6. 6. Hey, nice to meet you
  7. 7. About me Hybrid profile Innovation Agency Startup environment Corporate world Teacher & public speaking +10 years freelance
  8. 8. The focus of today
  9. 9. Pragmatic learnings on Innovation
  10. 10. Mark your Playground #clarity
  11. 11. Mark your Playground #clarity Content Ambition
  12. 12. #content A clear focus on an area Strategy orientated & Customer driven Take time to truly understand your problem
  13. 13. #ambition Define your ambition Small - Medium - Large Quantify your ideas & concepts
  14. 14. Jobs to be done Anthony Ulwick Strategyn 3 horizons of growth McKinsey #forthenerds Innovation needs a strategy HBR
  15. 15. Innovation is not a one night stand #Rhythm
  16. 16. #Innovationtheathre Don’t run your innovation program as an event.
  18. 18. Design an innovation cycle that suits your ambition, reinforces discipline, in sync with internal company milestones & alocated resources #Rhythm
  19. 19. The Other Side of Innovation Vijay Govindarajan
  20. 20. Talk to these odd birds HR & Finance #behaviour #funding
  22. 22. Give people clear objectives Align job descriptions Motivate the behaviours you want to see Equip leaders with clear expectations
  23. 23. WHY THE F*%$ FINANCE?
  24. 24. Understand how PNL structures work Get support to build a business case Make sure you get a piece of the cake
  25. 25. You can lose people before you started #lostintranslation
  26. 26. #lostintranslation Know your audience Executive pitch vs employee onboarding
  27. 27. #lostintranslation Do not overwhelm your audience with innovation slang
  28. 28. #overtrain Don’t kill the innovation appetite with a 5 day training course, 20 innovation models and the history of design thinking
  29. 29. 2h fundamentals & learning bites. Scale your assets Clarify with a lexicon Make sure you invest in ‘meta’ Obsession for improvement Absolute transparency Invest in trust Willingness to share
  30. 30. Start with the Why Simon Sinek The back of the napkin Dan Roam 5 dysfunctions of a team Patrick Lencioni
  31. 31. Ideas are worth nothing #innovationdelivery
  32. 32. Dedicated roles outside the day to day business ‘Performance Engine’ Define clear innovation metrics. Discipline in process Second funnel to scale and bring to life
  33. 33. WRAP UP
  34. 34. Mark your playground Put in place an innovation rhythm Talk to HR & Finance Don’t kill with slang or training Put in place an execution team
  35. 35. THANK YOU!