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PDE2 Subject Briefing Slides


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Subject Briefing Oct 2015

Published in: Education
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PDE2 Subject Briefing Slides

  1. 1. Personal Effectiveness & Development 2 Subject Briefing 15 October 2015
  2. 2. Learning Objectives • This subject is a continuation of PDE 1 and aims to develop students in their personal development to become effective learners with good character as they make their transitional journey towards polytechnic education. It enhances the personal development of the individual in the social and community domains and equips students with the skills and knowledge to: • examine their social and emotional development • explain the values that emerge as they engage in assigned activities • This subject provides the theoretical concepts and practical arena for students to learn values through hands-on activities and learning journeys.
  3. 3. PDE2 Weekly Schedule • By now everyone should have a copy of the weekly schedule. A hardcopy will be given to you by your CP and a softcopy can be obtained from OLIVE under the tab ‘About The Subject’. A weekly schedule will be printed for your Care Group. I would like to seek CPs’ help to ensure all students have a copy. Schedule is also down-able. A suggested teaching plan appended with powerpoint slides will also be given to all CPs at least one week before each PDE2 lesson.
  4. 4. Briefings Forums and Talks • A few briefings, forums and talks have been scheduled for PDE2. • Attendance for all theses sessions are compulsory for all students. • These sessions are essential as they contain important information leading to their PDE2 programmes or offer experiential opportunities. • Tutors’ help is sought to advise, encourage or warn students to put on a respectable code of behaviour as a student of Temasek Polytechnic during these events with partners from the industry.
  5. 5. c Event Date/Time Venue 1. Programme Manager’s Talk 21 Oct 2015 2.00pm or 3.00pm LT26 2. Entrepreneurship Forum 18 Nov 2015 or 25 Nov 2015 2.00pm LT26 (flip-flop arrangements) 3. Overseas Study Trip Briefing 11 Dec 2015 1.00pm LT26 4. CNB Talk 6 Jan 2016 2.00pm Auditorium 3 Schedule for Talks, Briefings, Forums
  6. 6. Week 1 : Prog Manager’s Talk • The session will be conducted in a flip-flop manner at LT26. • Care Groups 1A1, 1B1, 1B2, 1B3 and1C1 will attend the talk at 2.00pm (seated by 1.50pm) • Care Groups 1A2, 1D1, 1E1, 1E2, and 1E3 will attend the talk at 3.00pm (seated by 2.50pm) • Tutors’ help is sought to ensure students are seated punctually. • Care Groups not at PM’s briefing are requested to be in class for CPs to go through the PDE2 schedule with them and to pre-empt them for on-coming activities and tasks.
  7. 7. Entrepreneurship Forum/ CNB Talk • Interactive forums whereby each student will be given a short time-slot to participate • Students will also be given opportunities to pose questions to the speakers, who are noteworthy young entrepreneurs in Singapore. • More information on these two events will be made known by Week 2.
  8. 8. CCN Day • As part of the curriculum on Civic Literacy, PFP students will participate in the bi-annual CCN Day, aimed to raise funds to support our fellow needy students in campus. • The activity will particularly be aimed at fund-raising. Students from each class will come together to put up a stall to sell items (from food to handicraft) to the other students in campus. • More information on CCN Day once the committee has finalized details.
  9. 9. PDE2 Overseas Study Trip PDE Overseas Study Trip Date: 11 January 2016 Time: 0900hrs to 2000hrs Location: Desaru, East Johor, Malaysia Type of Activities: • Cultural visit (Coastal township of Pengarang) • Local Agricultural Enterprises (Ostrich/Bee Wax/Fruit/Fish/Frog farms) • Class Bonding (2 hour dinner-stop at a mall) More details will be released upon a later date.
  10. 10. East Johor/Desaru
  11. 11. Overseas Study Trip Briefing • A briefing by our vendors as well as the Subject Leader will be conducted on 11 December 2015 at 1.00pm • Venue will be at LT26 and 27. • Vendors will speak on the details of the trip and provide an overview of the day’s activities as well as the logistics pertaining to the itinerary. • M/SD and SL will talk on the expected code of conduct as well as safety measures (as students will be given free- roaming experience).
  12. 12. Overseas Study Trip Documentation • The submitted indemnity forms as well as passports have been tabulated. • Some discrepancies and errors noted and SL will address these with the individual students as a follow up. • Will need CPs’ help to send indicated students to SL in order that the errors can be ironed out.
  13. 13. Entrepreneurship Company Visit • As part of PDE2 Entrepreneurship module, students will be given an opportunity to visit a company set-up, to understand its business structure and model, as well as to know more about the business development journey. • The objective of the visit is for all students to understand the business development processes as well as the soft skills and values when entrepreneurs set up their enterprises. • CP’s help is sought to set expectations of students.
  14. 14. Entrepreneurship Company Visit The schedule for the visit is as follows: • Students are to report to the foyer by 1.45pm to board the chartered buses. • The visit will normally take 1-1.5 hours. • We expect to arrive back at TP by 5.00pm given normal traffic conditions. 18 November 2015 25 November 2015 1A2, 1E1 1B2 1E2, 1C1 1B1, 1B3 1D1 1E3, 1A1
  15. 15. Where are we going
  16. 16. Self- Directed Learning • PDE2 will be conducting the SDL on Week 3. Students are to refer to OLIVE for more information. Please note that: - During SDL week, there will be no lesson. - SDL participation is mandatory. It will account for their attendance. - SDL activity should be completed within the prescribed deadline and tracking will be done by SL, thereafter inform all CPs. - CPs may also check students’ participation via OLIVE Grade Centre.
  17. 17. AOB • Administrative Matters - A joint indemnity form will be given to all CPs by Week 2 for PDE2 Company Visit and L&C2 Learning Journey. Please help to ensure students return all the indemnity forms by Week 4. - Please note that for the Company Visit, all students must return to campus before being dismissed regardless of whether the site is near their home addresses or not. - CP $100 has been credited to your account in June 2015. Please utilise this grant for your student/class bonding activity. Please do not use this as a contribution or capital for CCN Day. - Due to the nature of PDE2, there will be very few opportunities to meet students in class on Wednesday afternoons. Please ensure that all administrative instructions are delivered to students timely.